Best Bookmakers for Live Betting

Live betting, also known as in-play betting has become one of the best features available for online gaming. Bettors have embraced the opportunity to assess more betting markets as the action unfolds. With dynamic odds and new betting options coming up every second, this is definitely the fast-paced gaming experience you need.  In-play betting is now offered by all bookies in the market. However, the quality of in-play betting on these sites is not the same, and this is where we come in. We aim at introducing you to the best live betting sites in the market, along with a few tips. Keep reading as we dig deeper into this incredible online betting feature.

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TOP Live Betting Sites for 2022

Our team of experts includes professional bettors who know exactly what you need. They review multiple bookmakers to come up with a list of the best. Here are the top live betting sites for 2022 and the details of what makes each of them unique.

William Hill

When it comes to betting in-play facilities, William Hill does not disappoint. Players can enjoy a vast range of betting markets, highly competitive odds, and of course, the popular William Hill TV with top-class live streaming in Greyhounds and Horse Racing. This bookie also allows bettors to cash out their bets fully or partially if they go against their expectations. You can download the bookmaker’s dedicated mobile app and enjoy wagering on the move.

Paddy Power

Being one of the pioneers in the online gaming industry, Paddy Power has had enough time to refine its products. The operator’s live betting section is very attractive and extremely well designed. It is a great choice for speedy in-play betting, comes with an outstanding live streaming feature and multiple events and betting markets. Paddy Power also has a cash-out option to help you minimize the possible losses from your bets.


Ladbrokes is very competitive when it comes to a quality live betting experience. As one of the oldest operators in the market, this sportsbook is mega. The in-play betting enthusiasts at Ladbrokes are very well taken care of. From live streaming and cash out to a vast range of betting options, everything is top-notch. If you love gaming on the go, you will love the Ladbrokes’ mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The iOS users can find it in the Apple Store, and the Android users can follow the link provided at the bookie’s official website.


Coral is among the best streaming betting sites around, so if you love watching the events you wager on, it should be on your list. Interesting, you do not need to have some money in your account to watch events like many bookmakers require. The only sport that you are supposed to bet on in order to watch is Horse Racing. Coral also has partial and full cash out, a diverse range of markets, and bet builders. They also have exciting offers for the in-play bettors. If you love linked pre-match/in-play deals, enhanced odds, free bets, and more, this should be your next destination.


The variety of in-play betting sports at Betway beats almost every other bookmaker in the market. If you are a live betting enthusiast, you will have a chance to enjoy multiple betting options and among the most competitive odds around. There are linked pre-match/in-play promotions valid for days, as well as the bookmaker’s side features like live streaming and cash out. Betway has made sure to cater to all types of players by providing a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS users. You can therefore enjoy the freedom and convenience that come with mobile gaming by joining this platform.


Featuring one of the most comprehensive sports offering the industry, Bwin pulls no punches when it comes to in-play betting. You can wager on a vast range of sports and numerous in-play betting markets. If you wish to watch the live-action, Bwin has an outstanding live streaming feature enhanced with a full and partial cash-out option. If you are looking to join this bookie, ensure you don’t miss out on the regular in-play promotions offered to boost your bankroll. The bookie has an enticing welcome offer for new UK customers that can be used in live betting.


The 1XBet’s live betting section is robust, with a vast range of sports. You will get to wager on popular sports like Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, and more. 1Xbet also has an impressive selection of esports, so you can check out what games they have if you are into esports live betting. There are multiple betting options to choose from, enhanced with free bet offers and exciting features like live streaming and cash out. The bookmaker has an intuitive mobile app for Android and iOS users, downloadable from the Google Store and Apple Store, respectively.


Unibet’s in-play betting section is comprehensive, with hundreds of wagering opportunities and markets from all over the world. You will have a worthwhile experience on the platform, following its eye-catching and user-friendly design. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or new in the market, you will be able to locate what you need with ease. Of course, there are live streaming services, cash-out options, and exciting offers that you can take advantage of. Mobile gamers are catered for through a seamless app for Android and iOS devices where you can access all these features on the move.

What is In-play Betting?

In-play betting refers to placing a bet when an event is taking place. It is used in a number of sports, including Horse Racing, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Esports, among others. In live betting, the odds keep changing with the progress of an event, which gives you a good opportunity to take advantage of the highest prices. This is among the reasons why most players prefer to bet in-play to pre-match betting. Take an example of a match between Manchester City and Chelsea FC in the English Premier League. When the match kicks off, you can predict a goal in the next 10 minutes, among many other betting options available in live betting.

In-play Betting Ranking Criteria

Before including any betting site in our list, there are specific factors we examine that we believe crucial in making a top-class platform. These include:

  • The sports coverage in the in-play section
  • Quality of odds and the range of betting markets
  • Promotions exclusively for in-play betting
  • The live streaming feature
  • The speed of updated odds
  • Ease of using the live betting section
  • Application on mobile

Expect to find these and more exciting features on all of our recommended websites.

How to Place an In-play Bet

All our recommended live betting sites will list all the events that have kicked off either on a dedicated page or on the home page. Placing in-play bets is similar to that of the pre-match section in that you select your preferred market and place your wager. The difference between the two is that in live betting, you can make more informed decisions based on what is taking place in the events that you wish to bet on.  

We recommend sites with a live streaming feature so that you can watch and monitor your bets. The nature of in-play is that there is no guarantee that a specific market will be available throughout the match. Bookmakers may remove some markets depending on what happens in a game. The same happens on the odds, which constantly get updated to reflect the match. You must therefore be alert throughout the game to observe the changes and take advantage of the best opportunities.

When to Place an In-play Bet

Live betting comes with multiple markets that are not available in pre-match. For instance, in Football, options like a goal to be scored within the next ten minutes of the next goal scorer are only available in in-play. If you are watching an event and you spot an interesting market with attractive odds, you can use live betting to take advantage. It is also vital to check stats markets such as corners and cards to help you when placing your bets.

You can also hedge your wagers with in-play to increase your chances of winning. For instance, assume you place a bet in the pre-match for Manchester City to beat Chelsea FC, the underdog scores more goals in the first half, and you are convinced it will win. You can use in-play to place a bet on Chelsea FC to win and mitigate your losses.

Cash Out in Live Betting

Cash-out is a very important feature to every sports betting enthusiast. You can take advantage of in-play and cash out at the same time to get the most winnings from your bets and minimize your winnings. Most bettors use the cash-out feature when they realize their bets are going south. A good example of this is a bet on Manchester City to beat Chelsea FC 1-0 in the next five minutes. The bookmaker will give you a cash-out value that is lower than your potential winnings. So, if Chelsea FC attack and look like they will score, you can cash out so that you get some winnings from the bet.

In-play Betting Tips and Strategies

The live betting strategies greatly vary depending on the sport, market, and league. However, there are still some essential in-play betting tips that will help you choose the best options and make good returns.

Make use of the Available Research Tools

They say information is power. Utilize the available information on the internet to find the best in-play betting opportunities. Beginners may be surprised by the depth experienced bettors go to find opportunities. While there is so much information online, you should be able to identify one that suits you the best and analyze it to work to your advantage.

 Stick to Familiar Sports and Leagues

In most cases, players have an interest in certain sports before looking for a betting site. Always begin with the events you know, even when there are other enticing opportunities available. If you have been watching NHL for the longest time, focus on the Hockey events offered by your preferred bookmaker. Of course, there is nothing wrong with exploring new sports, but one way of becoming successful in in-play betting is able to sense what is likely to happen in a match. Without experience, that can be very difficult.

What the event

The number of players who bet on live events without watching them will shock you. Some just look at the scores or follow someone’s opinion. This is a very bad idea because you are missing many profitable opportunities that the eye test, which is among the best tools, can recognize. Out trusted betting sites have the live streaming feature that you can utilize to watch the live-action. Most of the major events are aired on TV, so be sure to watch them for the best returns.

Follow the Stats

Combining objective statistics with your subjective impressions is among the best ways to determine what is going on. You can easily miss a trend that advanced metrics can highlight. Therefore, ensure that you follow the numbers closely before placing a live bet. Most in-play betting sites have updates for the events they offer, and there are plenty of websites where you can get live scores and other metrics.

Avoid Betting after Huge Changes

One mistake that bettors make is to ignore major moments in a sport. A touchdown in Football, injuries in Tennis, or something similar in another sport would turn things upside-down. It is essential to monitor momentum. If you are planning to wager on a specific market and something happens, you should wait for some time to see its impact on the event.


Which are the best online live betting sites in the market?

Based on our opinion, the top three live betting sites are William Hill, Paddy Power, and Ladbrokes. We have listed other sites that also offer impressive in-play betting services, and you should feel to join any of them based on your needs and preferences.

Why should I wager in-play?

There are many reasons why live betting is worth a while. Among them are the diverse markers and opportunities that arise with the match progress, the dynamic odds, the thrills involved, and the potential value you stand to gain. Above all, in-play betting is fun and entertaining.

Which is the best sport for in-play betting?

Football is by far the best sport for live betting, following the diversity in the markets and leagues. The more obscure a sport is, the fewer the betting options will be available.

Are there bonuses and promotions for live betting?

Most of the bonuses available in our top bookmakers can be used in live betting. Some of these sites also have some offers exclusive for in-play.

How are live betting odds calculated?

Most in-play betting sites rely on various software tools and traders to move lines and odds up and down. Some parts of the process are automatic, depending on the time passed and the advanced metrics. Others are manual and dependent on a trader’s decisions.

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