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Are you tired of wasting your hard-earned funds on bookmakers that offer low odds? With plenty of online bookies launching on almost a monthly basis, it can be difficult to decide which one best suits your needs. It’s comfortable to be attracted by an attractive welcome offer and stick with one bookmaker, but such is a big mistake. Regardless of whether you are a recreational or professional sports bettor, finding bookmakers that offer some of the highest odds is an important factor that you need to consider. It gets worse, especially if you are new to online sports betting. If you are new, it’s important to understand how critical the quality of the odds that your bookmaker offers can be.

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It goes without saying that different bookies will offer different odds and for a variety of markets, a big reason as to why it’s necessary for you to do an ‘odds comparison’ to identify the best bookies with some of the most attractive odds. If you choose to do this, you’ll be comparing the price available on one site with the price of the same market on another sports betting site.

From the perspective of the potential return that you stand to get, it’s logical to wager with a bookmaker who offers the highest odds. However, researching yourself can be time-consuming. Trying to find bookies with the highest odds can consume too much of your time. But if you are here, count yourself lucky. We have a list of the best odds bookmakers in 2022. Our process and criteria of picking the best odds bookmakers includes the evaluation of several markets, leagues and sports, among others.

In our research, we established some best odds bookmakers in 2022. Of importance to note is that the bookies we include on our list have some of the best odds depending on a sporting event. Some offer the best odds in football, others in cricket, and others in horse racing, to mention but a few. Overall, the following are the best odds bookmakers.


BetVictor offer best odds on several sporting events. This sportsbook is one of those best odds guaranteed bookmakers in business. They offer attractive odds on different sporting events that they offer. While they cover many sporting events, horse racing comes first when it comes to the percentage of odds that they offer. Horse racing (Irish horse racing, UK horse racing, and several other horse racing events) have some of the best odds at BetVictor. That’s followed by boxing, football, basketball, and then rugby.

Simply choose the sport that you like to wager on and want the best odds for. BetVictor traditionally offer very competitive odds on the main betting sports for tennis, soccer, and horse racing. BetVictor offers best odds on horse racing 55% of the time, and more often than any other bookie.


Bet365 is without a doubt one of the biggest names when it comes to online sports betting. This bookmaker is one of the most popular online bookmaker based on several good reasons. While bet365 offers best odds guaranteed, it is another bookmaker that offers even better odds at the time of placing your bets.

Even though the best odds guarantees can be misleading in some way since they only account for attractive odds after you’ve taken a price, nevertheless, bet365 has some of the most attractive odds when it comes to online sports betting. This bookmaker regularly creates odds that come above the market average for all the sports that they list.

For instance, they have some of the best odds on horse racing, basketball, tennis, football, rugby, and many others. At bet365, you can get best odds more than often, meaning bigger returns if you happen to win. Of importance to note here is that min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Also, returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Overall, though, bet365 is one of the best odds bookmakers for 2022 that you need to try.

William Hill

As one of the oldest bookmakers in business, William Hill should be positioned to offer the best odds at least on one or two sporting events. Compared to other bookmakers, though, William Hill does a good job when it comes to the quality of the odds that they offer. Having been in business for quite a long time, William Hill has developed an excellent reputation for having some of the best odds across the board, even if they don’t cover a massive range of sports as other bookies do.

William Hill is mostly known for those who prefer to wager on horse racing. They offer top odds on Irish horse racing events, horse races that take place in the United Kingdom, and almost every other horse racing events across the globe. This bookmaker has the ‘best odds guarantee’ for all markets that they cover. Of importance to note is that they offer free bets credited after the settlement of the first qualifying bet, and free bets expire after 30 days after placing the qualifying bet.


Unibet is another top bookmaker in the business of online sports betting. This bookmaker is definitely more of an interactive site than other betting sites on this list, and without a doubt, a site that offers terrific betting odds. If you are on the lookout for a site where you stand to enjoy excellent betting odds, look no further than Unibet.

They have some of the best betting odds for sports such as football, baseball, horse racing, tennis, and cricket. Unlike other sites that may not offer good odds on niche sports, such isn’t the case at Unibet. If you prefer wagering on niche sports such as bandy, darts, and snooker, you can still expect to find best odds at Unibet.

Unibet is also a betting site that’s loaded with exciting sports betting bonuses, and through their blog, you can find other exciting features that occur on the site on daily basis.


Ladbrokes are known and operate globally as one of the biggest betting brands loved by plenty of online sports betting enthusiasts. They have a huge online presence, with many people finding it their go-to online sports betting site. From such a big bookmaker, among other things, you should expect some of the best odds from them.

Fortunately, Ladbrokes doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their odds. If you are wondering on whether to wager at Ladbrokes or not, you have no reason to worry, especially when it comes to their odds. They don’t rank poorly when it comes to the sports they offer and go along to compliment that with excellent odds.

If you are into horse racing, expect to find best betting odds at Ladbrokes. They also have good odds on popular sports such as football, cricket, tennis and rugby. However, you may want to wager on football and horse racing for this bookmaker best odds on them. In addition to this, Ladbrokes is a bookmaker that regularly creates betting markets with enhanced odds, and as a bettor, you can choose to boost your odds for some sporting events that you intend at betting on.

If you want higher returns –especially on football or horse racing-, you may want to bet at Ladbrokes.


Even though Marathonbet may not be the biggest or the most established name in the industry, they do a good job when it comes to the quality of odds that they offer. While this bookmaker covers plenty of sporting events, they seem to offer some of the best betting odds for bettors who choose to wager on tennis.

With a massive range of tournaments to wager on, ranging from the Grand Slam to other Challenger events, as well as the ability to wager on other individual games, tennis fans will be impressed by the odds that Marathonbet offers. They also offer best odds guaranteed for UK horse racing, Irish horse racing, and greyhound events.

However, if you like wagering on tennis, you may to head to Marathonbet for the best odds. Tennis fans that wager at Marathonbet are all assured of hard-to-resist odds available here.


Coral Sportsbook is another top odds bookmaker and home to plenty of sports betting fans across the globe. They are one of the best odds guaranteed sportsbooks. Best odds guaranteed is one of the most conventional and popular promotions that you won’t miss to find these days, especially at top online sports betting sites.

Coral Sportsbook is one of those bookmakers that offer this best odds promise to their customers. They offer best odds guaranteed across the United Kingdom and Irish horse racing they happen to cover as standard. If you want to get the best prices, especially for horse racing events, you may want to wager at Coral.

Therefore, when you are using Coral to wager, you can relax and have some peace of mind knowing that you’ll get the best price even if your horse selection drifts to a bigger starting price. While they have some of the best odds on horse races, those that wager on football, tennis, cricket, rugby, and other major sports can expect to find good odds at Coral.


Our list of the best odds bookmakers cannot be complete without mentioning Betway Sportsbook. Betway is one of the most experienced bookmakers in the online sports betting industry, and with their experience, you should expect good odds from them. Betway is a great place to be, especially if you like wagering on horse racing and soccer.

Betway offers the best odds guaranteed for those who wager on horse racing. It happens the moment you wager at specific odds, and after the Starting Price becomes a more significant price. If you happen to win, Betway will pay you with the bigger odds. If you wager on football at Betway, rest assured of attractive odds too.

Betway is one of those trustworthy sports betting sites since it’s not in the business of scamming gamblers when it goes ahead and gives better odds later on. At Betway, you’ll win all the money that you deserve should you qualify for it. Overall, we feel that Betway is one of those top odds bookies in 2022.


1XBET has some of the most useful odds available on the market for players who wager on several games and bets on a daily basis. Unlike other bookmakers that seem to heavily concentrate on offering good odds at certain sports betting events, such isn’t the case at 1XBET. Here, you can expect to find good odds at almost the entire sports that they offer.

When you wager at 1XBET, you’ll notice at a very early stage that their betting odds are of the highest quality that represent a payout of as much as 98%. Also, this operator offers a massive selection of odds that range from football, hockey, tennis, rugby, boxing, darts, snooker, volleyball, martial arts, and even politics, to mention but a few.

The betting odds available at 1XBET promises players the highest chances of winning. 2 favorite types represent them: decimal and fractional. The former is the most popular and reflected in almost all sports betting events at 1XBET. If you are looking for a bookmaker with the best odds on almost any sport that you can think of, look no further than 1XBET.


Lastly, we have 22BET Sportsbook. While 22BET is an operator characterized by a wide range of bonus offers and promotions, they do well when it comes to the odds that they offer. When you place a bet at 22BET, rest assured of irresistible odds. Gamblers who sign up with this operator can expect excellent odds, especially on football matches.

22BET is a place to be if you want to place bets on some of the most popular sporting events, along with the best odds on the internet. 22BET came into view a few years back with the intention of rivaling some of the biggest and the best names in the industry. Among other good things that they offer, 22BET have in place a premium selection of odds that you cannot ignore.

Why bookmakers have different odds

Sports are one of human beings oldest, and most enduring habits. These thrilling and structured contests of athletics have been around for ages. Throughout much of that history, bookmaking has coexisted with sporting events. At present, sports betting is one of the most popular hobbies in many places across the globe.

Bookmaking, as we commonly know it today, dates back to the Roman times. The first bookmakers would offer an indication of the chance or an indication of a specific outcome to occur for wagering on chariot races or gladiator matches. It has been quite a journey from there to the ritzy online sports betting sites that we have today.

Regardless of whether you are wagering on sports, whether it was during the ancient Rome or today, you’ll find a range of betting odds available. Each bookmaker will more than often quote its customers different betting odds for the same sporting events. Mostly, they’ll mostly tend to be similar in some way, but there are rare occasions where they will be the same.

So, why is that? Why do bookmakers offer different sports betting odds for the same events? The reason for different odds that bookmakers is simple to understand. First of all, the online sports betting industry is one of the most profitable industries in the globe. In the United States alone, the sports betting market generated $203 billion in revenue in 2020.

With the sports betting industry being one of those profitable industries across the globe, bookmakers offer different odds in a bid to attract and retain clients. For instance, you’ll find some of the high-profile events such as rugby, football, and cricket, boxing, and tennis having some of the best odds compared to others sports such as darts and snooker.

Bookmakers offer different sports betting odds, primarily for the purposes of attracting new customers and retaining old ones. Odds change based on several reasons such as new information –team selection or injury news-, market confidence, and money. However, bookmakers offer different odds mostly to make bettors wager with them.

Some bookmakers heavily concentrate on certain sports. For instance, those in the United Kingdom heavily focus on football, while those that accept Indian players mostly offer hard-to-resist odds on cricket. With stiff competition, you’ll find bookies offering different sports betting odds, with the main purpose of attracting and retaining old customers to wager with them.

In order to do that, almost all bookmakers choose to undercut each other. Some of them offer rock-bottom lowest odds so that they can lure players who are new to online sports betting. As a result, some bookmakers may go ahead and offer incredible odds for some sporting events, even to the extent of taking action at a loss in some cases.

Therefore, the next time you see betting odds differing from one bookie to the next, just know that it’s a strategy aimed at enticing you to sign up with them, or continue wagering with them, especially if you had been dormant.

Coefficient for new players

In sports betting, the coefficient is defined as the numerical expression of the chance or the probability of any event that you find in a bookmaker of your choice. This probability is mostly expressed as a percentage and can take any value between 0 and 100. The coefficient that bookies offer is formed by dividing 100 by the probability of a sporting event. The final value of the coefficients offered to players is formed mostly under the influence of the amounts of bets on every outcome.

As a new player to a sports betting site, you need to wager at a bookie that offers you good conditions. Bookmakers that come with hard-to-meet terms and conditions aren’t ideal for you, especially if you are starting out with them. There’s are some close to perfect coefficients when it comes to online sports betting.

When wagering on sports online, it’s a good thing to play by some of the highest coefficients that you find, but with the understanding that the passage of the bets will be at least around 35%. High coefficients are a majority of stress-resistant sports bettors.

As a rule, it always means that a large coefficient before a match might be difficult to take. But as a new player, a top sports betting site should offer you the room to take large coefficients. As a new player, you may almost be tempted to engage in live or in-play betting. In such cases, you must be allowed a chance to grab high coefficient on the outsider as a new bettor.

For example, in the summer of 2016, sports bettors were shocked when the Spanish national football team lost to Georgians in a friendly match. The Spaniards had prepared for the Euro competitions and worked out all the possible schemes. However, the result of the meeting did not satisfy them at all. At the same time, the coefficient for Georgia’s national team before the match stood at 31, with the live option jumping to 88.

As a new player, you need to sign up with a bookie that offers you good conditions. Let’s assume that you are a new sports bettor to a site and wagering on football on how big of a margin a club will win a match by, then the options that you need to find available for such markets. If so, you need to find options such as Manchester United to win by a 2-goal margin, or Real Madrid to win by a 3-goal margin, among others.

Once you begin getting up to higher margins of expected victory, then things may begin getting a little more flexible such as Manchester United to win by 3 goals or more, or Real Madrid to win by 4 goals or more. All the bookmakers that we’ve listed above have some of the best conditions for new players. Most of them offer odds in decimal formats, fractional format, and some in American coefficients.

Margin on betting options

When it comes to online sports betting, you’ll most definitely come across betting margins. But what are these betting margins? In short, betting margins are the difference that you find in odds –an implied probability- the bettor is offered to wager at, and the true probability of the outcome.

As a punter, you may choose to wager on a winning margin where you predict how many goals or points a team will get. This may be the goal difference between two teams. For example if you a margin of 2 goals, a team must win by 2-1, 3-1, or 4-2, and so forth.

Best odds bookmakers such as the ones we mentioned earlier have plenty of betting options, with margins being one of them. Of importance to note here is that you can also predict that neither of the teams will score, also known as the ‘No Goal’ option. You can also predict if the match is going to be a tie (1-1, 2-2, 4-4, and so on), also known as the ‘Score Draw’ option.

The ‘No Goal’ option and the ‘Score Draw’ option is mostly decided over 90 minutes, without taking into consideration penalties or extra time. In other sports, you may find the option to wager on the winning margin of the game. A good example of such is quarters in a game of basketball.

Margin as a betting option seems to be gaining in popularity primarily due to its good odds. Unfortunately, though, a majority of punters don’t get this bet right. If you want to bet on the winning margin option and get your bets right most of the time, you need to look at the stats of the match that you want to wager on first.

Nowadays, there are plenty of football, basketball, hockey, and basketball stats, among others that are readily available online for free. If you carefully go through these stats before placing your bets, you stand to get them right most of the time. We suggest you look at the following three main statistics when it comes to winning margin bets:

  • The head-to-head record of the teams scheduled to play
  • Season for of the two teams
  • Current form of the teams

If you carefully consider all the above, you stand a high chance of winning margin bets and increase your bankroll substantially. The odds on this market are some of the highest compared to odds for other bet types.

Should I bet on Bookmakers with High Odds?

Before we tell you as to whether you need to wager at bookies with high odds, you may want to know the difference between high odds and low odds. Contrary to what many people think, low odds in sports betting doesn’t mean that a bettor has a low chance of winning a bet. It means that a player stands a higher chance of winning the bet, but with lower profits due to short odds.

On the other hand, betting on high odds means that you stand to get huge winnings from this bet, but the chances of winning might be low. Betting on high odds gives players a good chance to accumulate massive amounts on a small bet. But of course, the chances of such happening are highly reduced, another reason as to why high odds are often referred to as slim odds.

So, should you wager on high odds bookmakers or not? A simple to this question is that it depends on you. It depends with your bankroll, and whether you find this type of betting good. But if you find a chance to bet on bookmakers, you may want to try your luck there. Even though the chances of winning may be slim, if you strike it lucky, the winnings will be massive.

All the bookies that we mentioned above are some of the best betting sites that offer high odds on certain sporting events. Some of the popular sports that attract high odds are football, rugby, cricket, and basketball. With high odds, you can even bet on separate sports to increase your chances of winning.

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