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Football Betting

In this page, you’ll learn a lot when it comes to betting on football games. Here, you can find the best leagues and matches with high odds, whether it’ safe to wager on football, and how much you stand to earn from betting in football.

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16:45 3 October FC Salzburg FC Salzburg Real Sociedad Real Sociedad Home: 17/10 Х: 23/10 Away: 31/20
16:45 3 October Union Berlin Union Berlin Braga Braga Home: 17/20 Х: 13/5 Away: 3/1
19:00 3 October Man Utd Man Utd Galatasaray Galatasaray Home: 11/25 Х: 7/2 Away: 6/1
19:00 3 October Inter Milan Inter Milan Benfica Benfica Home: 4/5 Х: 11/4 Away: 16/5
19:00 3 October FC Copenhagen FC Copenhagen Bayern Munich Bayern Munich Home: 10/1 Х: 11/2 Away: 1/5
19:00 3 October Lens Lens Arsenal Arsenal Home: 4/1 Х: 16/5 Away: 3/5
19:00 3 October PSV PSV Sevilla Sevilla Home: 19/20 Х: 5/2 Away: 14/5
19:00 3 October Napoli Napoli Real Madrid Real Madrid Home: 3/2 Х: 5/2 Away: 17/10
16:45 4 October Antwerp Antwerp Shakhtar Donetsk Shakhtar Donetsk Home: 17/20 Х: 13/5 Away: 3/1
16:45 4 October Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid Feyenoord Feyenoord Home: 13/20 Х: 14/5 Away: 4/1
19:00 4 October RB Leipzig RB Leipzig Man City Man City Home: 15/4 Х: 3/1 Away: 13/20
19:00 4 October Borussia Dortmund Borussia Dortmund AC Milan AC Milan Home: 6/5 Х: 12/5 Away: 21/10
19:00 4 October Celtic Celtic Lazio Lazio Home: 9/5 Х: 5/2 Away: 69/50
19:00 4 October FC Porto FC Porto Barcelona Barcelona Home: 11/4 Х: 11/4 Away: 91/100
19:00 4 October Newcastle Newcastle PSG PSG Home: 69/50 Х: 13/5 Away: 7/4
19:00 4 October Red Star Belgrade Red Star Belgrade Young Boys Young Boys Home: 23/20 Х: 13/5 Away: 21/10
16:45 5 October FK Backa Topola FK Backa Topola Olympiakos Olympiakos Home: 7/2 Х: 3/1 Away: 7/10
16:45 5 October Sporting Sporting Atalanta Atalanta Home: 5/4 Х: 12/5 Away: 21/10
16:45 5 October Real Betis Real Betis Sparta Prague Sparta Prague Home: 3/4 Х: 3/1 Away: 16/5
16:45 5 October AEK Athens AEK Athens Ajax Ajax Home: 23/20 Х: 13/5 Away: 11/5
16:45 5 October SC Freiburg SC Freiburg West Ham West Ham Home: 31/20 Х: 13/5 Away: 31/20
16:45 5 October Marseille Marseille Brighton Brighton Home: 47/25 Х: 13/5 Away: 13/10
16:45 5 October Aris Limassol Aris Limassol Rangers Rangers Home: 3/1 Х: 13/5 Away: 17/20
16:45 5 October Rakow Czestochowa Rakow Czestochowa SK Sturm Graz SK Sturm Graz Home: 69/50 Х: 23/10 Away: 19/10
19:00 5 October Toulouse Toulouse LASK Linz LASK Linz Home: 3/4 Х: 11/4 Away: 7/2
19:00 5 October Molde Molde Bayer Leverkusen Bayer Leverkusen Home: 19/4 Х: 16/5 Away: 53/100
19:00 5 October Maccabi Haifa Maccabi Haifa Panathinaikos Panathinaikos Home: 13/10 Х: 5/2 Away: 47/25
19:00 5 October Villarreal Villarreal Rennes Rennes Home: 91/100 Х: 13/5 Away: 11/4
19:00 5 October BK Hacken BK Hacken FK Qarabag FK Qarabag Home: 3/2 Х: 12/5 Away: 17/10
19:00 5 October Liverpool Liverpool Union Saint Gilloise Union Saint Gilloise Home: 17/100 Х: 13/2 Away: 12/1
19:00 5 October Slavia Prague Slavia Prague Sheriff Tiraspol Sheriff Tiraspol Home: 2/5 Х: 7/2 Away: 13/2
19:00 5 October Roma Roma Servette Servette Home: 7/50 Х: 13/2 Away: 16/1


Champions League

10/03 16:45 2 FC Salzburg - Real Sociedad
10/03 16:45 2 Union Berlin - Braga
10/03 19:00 2 Man Utd - Galatasaray
10/03 19:00 2 Inter Milan - Benfica
10/03 19:00 2 FC Copenhagen - Bayern Munich
10/03 19:00 2 Lens - Arsenal
10/03 19:00 2 PSV - Sevilla
10/03 19:00 2 Napoli - Real Madrid
10/04 16:45 2 Antwerp - Shakhtar Donetsk
10/04 16:45 2 Atletico Madrid - Feyenoord
10/04 19:00 2 RB Leipzig - Man City
10/04 19:00 2 Borussia Dortmund - AC Milan
10/04 19:00 2 Celtic - Lazio
10/04 19:00 2 FC Porto - Barcelona
10/04 19:00 2 Newcastle - PSG
10/04 19:00 2 Red Star Belgrade - Young Boys
10/24 16:45 3 Galatasaray - Bayern Munich
10/24 16:45 3 Inter Milan - FC Salzburg
10/24 19:00 3 Braga - Real Madrid
10/24 19:00 3 Sevilla - Arsenal
10/24 19:00 3 Union Berlin - Napoli
10/24 19:00 3 Benfica - Real Sociedad
10/24 19:00 3 Man Utd - FC Copenhagen
10/24 19:00 3 Lens - PSV
10/25 16:45 3 Barcelona - Shakhtar Donetsk
10/25 16:45 3 Feyenoord - Lazio
10/25 19:00 3 Newcastle - Borussia Dortmund
10/25 19:00 3 Celtic - Atletico Madrid
10/25 19:00 3 Antwerp - FC Porto
10/25 19:00 3 PSG - AC Milan
10/25 19:00 3 Young Boys - Man City
10/25 19:00 3 RB Leipzig - Red Star Belgrade
11/07 17:45 4 Borussia Dortmund - Newcastle
11/07 17:45 4 Shakhtar Donetsk - Barcelona
11/07 20:00 4 Atletico Madrid - Celtic
11/07 20:00 4 FC Porto - Antwerp
11/07 20:00 4 AC Milan - PSG
11/07 20:00 4 Man City - Young Boys
11/07 20:00 4 Red Star Belgrade - RB Leipzig
11/07 20:00 4 Lazio - Feyenoord
11/08 17:45 4 Napoli - Union Berlin
11/08 17:45 4 Real Sociedad - Benfica
11/08 20:00 4 Real Madrid - Braga
11/08 20:00 4 Arsenal - Sevilla
11/08 20:00 4 Bayern Munich - Galatasaray
11/08 20:00 4 FC Copenhagen - Man Utd
11/08 20:00 4 FC Salzburg - Inter Milan
11/08 20:00 4 PSV - Lens
11/28 17:45 5 Lazio - Celtic
11/28 17:45 5 Shakhtar Donetsk - Antwerp
11/28 20:00 5 Man City - RB Leipzig
11/28 20:00 5 AC Milan - Borussia Dortmund
11/28 20:00 5 Barcelona - FC Porto
11/28 20:00 5 PSG - Newcastle
11/28 20:00 5 Young Boys - Red Star Belgrade
11/28 20:00 5 Feyenoord - Atletico Madrid
11/29 17:45 5 Galatasaray - Man Utd
11/29 17:45 5 Sevilla - PSV
11/29 20:00 5 Real Madrid - Napoli
11/29 20:00 5 Benfica - Inter Milan
11/29 20:00 5 Braga - Union Berlin
11/29 20:00 5 Bayern Munich - FC Copenhagen
11/29 20:00 5 Real Sociedad - FC Salzburg
11/29 20:00 5 Arsenal - Lens
12/12 17:45 6 Lens - Sevilla
12/12 17:45 6 PSV - Arsenal
12/12 20:00 6 Union Berlin - Real Madrid
12/12 20:00 6 Man Utd - Bayern Munich
12/12 20:00 6 Napoli - Braga
12/12 20:00 6 Inter Milan - Real Sociedad
12/12 20:00 6 FC Copenhagen - Galatasaray
12/12 20:00 6 FC Salzburg - Benfica
12/13 17:45 6 RB Leipzig - Young Boys
12/13 17:45 6 Red Star Belgrade - Man City
12/13 20:00 6 Newcastle - AC Milan
12/13 20:00 6 Atletico Madrid - Lazio
12/13 20:00 6 FC Porto - Shakhtar Donetsk
12/13 20:00 6 Antwerp - Barcelona
12/13 20:00 6 Borussia Dortmund - PSG
12/13 20:00 6 Celtic - Feyenoord



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Match reviews and analysis

11 October 2021

Yan Zhylinski Yan Zhylinski
11 October 2021

Yan Zhylinski Yan Zhylinski

Betting on Football Games

When it comes to sports betting, the numbers are insanely massive, with some of the globe’s biggest betting conglomerates boasting of hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe. Sports betting now makes up to 30-40% of the global gambling market. According to estimates, over half a trillion is wagered in sports bets around the globe annually.

While betting is today active across all sporting events, for long, there have always been some few notable giants known for accounting for accounting for a majority of the global sports betting market. Football is by far the most popular and the biggest sport globally and it makes sense that it is number one on the list globally. Football betting attracts bettors for plenty of reasons, free bets credited to players’ accounts being one of those attractive offers.

What matches can you bet on

Are you thinking of betting on football matches? If the answer is yes, rest assured of thousands of football matches that you can wager on from different leagues and tournaments. As mentioned above, football remains the number one sport in both viewership and betting. Many people watch football, while millions of others wager on it.

When you want to wager on a football match, we always recommend sticking to leagues and tournaments that you know well. While you have the freedom to wager on virtually any football match that you want, if your intention is to make a few extra bucks, then you need to bet on football matches that you understand well. Otherwise, you can place a bet on the following common football matches and tournaments:

Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL) is often referred to as the best and the biggest soccer league around the world and such extends to matters to do with betting as well. The English Premier League consists of 20 teams all fighting to be crowned the Kings of England. As a bettor, you’ll be able to find plenty of betting options for the entire 380 games available in a season. You can wager on several types of bets which include in-play bets, BTTS, Odd/Even Goal, Correct Score, among others. What’s even ideal is that you can wager on other rare bets such as head coach firings and hirings, available transfers, and a whole lot of other opportunities to make some quick cash.

Serie A

Among top 5 football leagues in Europe, without a doubt, the Italian Serie A occupies a central role when it comes to wagering on it. To tell the truth, the Serie A has been in the news as one of the most controversial football leagues in the world. On the other hand, the Serie A has some top performing teams in Europe. You won’t mention the Serie A without recognizing big powerhouses such as Juventus, Napoli, AC Milan, and AS Roma. Surprisingly, the Italian Serie A remains one of the most unpredictable leagues. This gives bettors a good chance of getting some wins. As for Serie A betting, there are a few profitable markets to pay attention to, such as Top 3 Finish Betting, Relegation Betting, and Top Goalscorer Betting.

La Liga

La Liga is Spanish top-flight football league and with other major European leagues, La Liga is massive when it comes to matters concerning football betting. Each week, you’ll find hundreds of match markets to wager on while the biggest bookies also have an excellent collection of outright wagering markets, each offering some potential route to profit. Barcelona and Real Madrid have always dominated Spanish top-flight football. However, things are beginning to change lately with teams such as Atletico Madrid and Villarreal offering some tight competition to the two top teams. For betting, the Spanish La Liga may be somewhat difficult, especially when wagering on mid-table teams. You may want to wager on top 4 finish, top goalscorer, and team to be relegated when wagering on the La Liga. 


Germany’s Bundesliga comes in as another ideal option for players on the search for something other than what they are used for most of the time. While Bayern Munich has been known to be a dominant here, the race for positions after them has managed to remain competitive for long. This gives bettors the scope of pulling off some amazing wins, especially if they manage to punt for the right team. It’s the same, especially in terms of top scorer standings – Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski is almost certain to emerge the winner, however with the likes of prolific strikes such as Erling Haaland from Borussia, it’s bound to be a tight race than it was in the previous seasons, giving bettors a chance of getting some wins.

International tournaments

Plenty of international football tournaments take place around the world, besides the normal football leagues that we know. Apart from top European football leagues that majorities of bettors prefer to punt on, as a player, you can wager on other international tournaments too. In fact, most of them come with some exclusive prizes and offers that are valid for days before expiry. Some of the top international tournaments that you can bet on include the FIFA World Cup, Copa America, AFC Asia Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and The Kings Cup.

Champions League

Other than the World Cup, the UEFA Champions League the most prestigious football competition in the globe. Somewhat strangely, it’s not a league as such, but a tournament on its own. While the UEFA Champions League attract a full house of viewers, it also attracts millions of bettors who get to wager on plenty of betting options available here. Betting on the EUFA Champions League, especially on the outright winner has always been easy since Spanish and German teams have always been dominant. But things are now changing, English teams are now rivaling the dominant giants here. The UEFA Champions League is another prestigious competition to wager on, as you can find plenty of bet types here.

Europa League

The Europa League is the second-tier of the European club football. It’s a tournament than involves 48 European club teams that compete across 6 rounds for a right to be crowned as winners along with earning an automatic place in the following season’s UEFA Champions League. While the Europa League is the second European completion after the Champions League, betting on this league presents a major market for punters. Based on the caliber of teams that take part in the competition, bettors are assured of high odds and plenty of betting types. The Europa League is also another unpredictable football tournament. If you want to maximize your winnings, you may want to wager on the Golden Boot Bet, Outright Tournament Winner, or Top Team in Group Stages.

Is it safe to bet on football?

Betting on football is safe as long as you are doing so at a legit and regulated online sports betting site. If you wager at an unlicensed bookmaker, you’d have no one to blame should that bookmaker happen to disappear with your winnings. Betting on football is very safe. Plenty of sites offering customers a chance to wager on football are currently in business. However, not all of them that are in business are safe and legit. Some of them are in business to profit from your hard-earned funds. But mostly, it’s safe to bet on football. If you are in the UK, for instance, you can wager on football at almost all betting sites in the country without any worries. The UK Gambling Commission regulates many of them.

How much money can you earn in football betting?

The amount of money that you can make on football betting mostly depend on the bet types that you choose. Conventional 1X2 betting won’t make you lots of profit, especially when wagering on strong teams. If you intend winning more on football bets, you may want to wager on the Over/Under market, mostly for the Over/Under 2.5 goals. If possible, you may want to locate overpriced betting markets where the secret mostly lies in the odds. If you wager with your hear as opposed to your mind, you won’t realized good profits when wagering on football. Additionally, you need to track your progress to see where you win more or do bad. Overall, the amount of money that you can make on football depends on the strategy that you take when betting. Some strategies, though risky, will assure you high winnings, while some are low-risk but not profitable. But again, we always remind our readers to please gamble responsibly.

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