Basketball Betting

Just like any other major sport, there are many ways to bet on basketball. While popular forms of wagering on basketball are the point spread, moneyline, and Over/Under totals, there several other basketball betting lines worth noting. In fact, they seem somewhat endless. If you want to ensure that you guarantee yourself some winnings when wagering on basketball, you need to choose a line that you understand and place a bet on that. This article looks at top basketball betting sites, and several betting lines that you need to know, especially if you are a beginner in basketball betting.

Basketball Bets and Odds


20:40 28 November DEN Nuggets DEN Nuggets MIL Bucks MIL Bucks Home: 1.80 Away: 2.05
22:10 29 November IND Pacers IND Pacers MIL Bucks MIL Bucks Home: 1.71 Away: 2.20
23:10 29 November TOR Raptors TOR Raptors BOS Celtics BOS Celtics Home: 2.05 Away: 1.80
23:10 29 November MEM Grizzlies MEM Grizzlies SAC Kings SAC Kings Home: 2.00 Away: 1.83
02:40 29 November DAL Mavericks DAL Mavericks DET Pistons DET Pistons Home: 4.75 Away: 1.20
00:00 30 November PHI 76ers PHI 76ers ORL Magic ORL Magic
00:30 30 November MIA Heat MIA Heat DEN Nuggets DEN Nuggets
01:00 30 November MIN Timberwolves MIN Timberwolves IND Pacers IND Pacers
01:00 30 November HOU Rockets HOU Rockets OKC Thunder OKC Thunder
01:00 30 November CHI Bulls CHI Bulls CHA Hornets CHA Hornets
01:30 30 November DAL Mavericks DAL Mavericks CLE Cavaliers CLE Cavaliers
01:30 30 November SA Spurs SA Spurs WAS Wizards WAS Wizards
02:00 30 November UTA Jazz UTA Jazz POR Trail Blazers POR Trail Blazers
03:30 30 November DEN Nuggets DEN Nuggets NO Pelicans NO Pelicans
00:30 1 December TOR Raptors TOR Raptors MEM Grizzlies MEM Grizzlies
00:30 1 December BOS Celtics BOS Celtics NY Knicks NY Knicks
03:00 1 December SAC Kings SAC Kings DAL Mavericks DAL Mavericks
03:00 1 December PHX Suns PHX Suns MIL Bucks MIL Bucks
03:00 1 December POR Trail Blazers POR Trail Blazers DET Pistons DET Pistons
00:00 2 December IND Pacers IND Pacers ATL Hawks ATL Hawks
00:00 2 December ORL Magic ORL Magic DEN Nuggets DEN Nuggets
00:00 2 December WAS Wizards WAS Wizards MIN Timberwolves MIN Timberwolves
00:30 2 December MIA Heat MIA Heat CLE Cavaliers CLE Cavaliers
00:30 2 December BOS Celtics BOS Celtics PHI 76ers PHI 76ers
01:00 2 December MIL Bucks MIL Bucks CHA Hornets CHA Hornets
01:00 2 December NO Pelicans NO Pelicans DAL Mavericks DAL Mavericks
01:00 2 December OKC Thunder OKC Thunder HOU Rockets HOU Rockets
03:30 2 December DEN Nuggets DEN Nuggets SAC Kings SAC Kings
00:30 3 December NY Knicks NY Knicks CHI Bulls CHI Bulls
00:30 3 December TOR Raptors TOR Raptors MIL Bucks MIL Bucks
01:00 3 December MEM Grizzlies MEM Grizzlies OKC Thunder OKC Thunder
02:00 3 December PHX Suns PHX Suns DET Pistons DET Pistons

Best Basketball Betting Sites

With thousands of basketball games that take place every year (2,000 in the NBA alone), it means that there are endless opportunities for bettors to make some money when betting on basketball online. Along with that, you can find plenty of basketball betting sites that purport to be the best in business. Unfortunately, though, not all of them fit the bill when it comes to the best basketball betting sites. For an easy and the most convenient way of basketball betting, you may wager only at top basketball betting sites. The following are some of the best basketball betting brands that you need to try.



Are you in search for one of the best basketball betting sites around? If so, look no further than 888sport. Here, you’ll find plenty of pre-match markets such as the number of points scored in a match, double chance, and loads of other bet types such as handicap betting. NBA powerhouses such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Celtics, and Chicago Bulls hog the limelight here. However, you can be sure to find plenty of other markets from other countries as well. What’s more is that 888 sport have a decent mobile app ideal for bettors on the move. In-play wagering has never been easy thanks to 888sport.

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Basketball appears to be one of the most common sporting activities for wagering on the 22BET site since it combines exciting and fast-paced matches with unpredictable results. With that, basketball bettors stand a chance of a wide range of wagering options. At 22BET, basketball is one of those sports that’s very easy to wager on anytime they want. There’s a foundation of helpful information that aspiring bettors of basketball can use before placing their bets. Some tournaments, such and League Champions and conferences, can have high odds to win the game or the event well in advance.

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1xbet is a market leader when it comes to offering several basketball betting options. 1xbet provides its players with the best betting platform not only in Eastern Europe but also in plenty of other locations across the globe. Some of the available basketball betting options at 1xbet include the total number of points, the final result, quarters, and handicap options, to mention but a few. 1xbet cover both popular and minor basketball leagues, not forgetting that customers can enjoy their friendly terms and conditions of basketball betting. Other excellent options available here is that customers can wager in both in-play and pre-match basketball categories with ease.

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Many people know that bet365 is one of the best and the most popular online sports betting sites due to its variety of games and markets. When it comes to wagering on basketball, bet365 doesn’t disappoint at all. Besides their excellent coverage of popular basketball leagues such as the NBA, you can expect to find good coverage of lesser basketball leagues too. They also have a Futures tab that allows you to wager on future basketball events. If in-play basketball wagering is your thing, you are well covered at bet365. Some of the available markets that you can find here include point spread, player points, winning margins, game lines, and half-time wagering options.

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We’ve saved the best for last, and that’s Betway. Betway is another top basketball betting site that’s home to many online basketball betting fans. While NBA games appears to be the dominant here, Betway also covers every other major basketball competition across the globe. Betway puts you into full control depending on your preferred bet type. You can wager on Overs/Unders, Odd/Even or Match Result. For the best odds along with an excellent in-play platform, look no further than Betway. They aren’t not only ideal for NBA betting, but also for other leagues such as Spain’s Liga ACB and Italy’s Lega A, among others.

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Basketball bet types

As mentioned earlier, basketball, just like any other popular sporting event has different wager types. As a bettor here, you aren’t restricted to a few bet types. While there are plenty of basketball bet types, the following are the most popular ones.

Betting On Basketball Underdogs

The average bettor likes to wager on the favorite, especially in a situation where the underdog receives large handicaps. Looking at the NBA, for instance, over the last 10 seasons, teams playing as underdogs of +12 or higher have covered the line more than 53% of the time. In short, it represents some bias in favor of lowly regarded teams. Betting on basketball underdogs is all about luck anyway.

Betting On Popular Teams

Just in the same way the average bettor prefers to wager favorites in basketball, they also like to wager on popular teams. Without a doubt, the Los Angeles Lakers are the most popular team in the NBA, having been successful for decades. However, things are starting to change with statistics indicating that over the last 10 seasons, they’ve had a strike rate against the spread of just under 47% when playing at home as favorites. The balance of power is shifting from the historically popular teams to new teams. It’s paying to find a situation in which to wager for them or avoid them altogether.

Betting On Basketball Totals

A popular form of basketball betting, here, a bettor wagers on the total points that will be scored in a game. Succeeding in this type of betting requires a bettor to ignore paying attention to a club’s short-term averages. You need to look at how regularly a team’s game has ended in over or under a certain points total. Also, factor in the performance of a team when playing at their home turf or away, and the situation that the team is playing in.

How to Bet NBA Over Under

Due to its high scoring nature, the Over Under is another popular type of NBA betting. Over Under betting is straightforward. Here, bookies set lines on what they think will be the total combined number of points that will be scored in a game of NBA. Similar to points spreads, most bookies offer odds of between 1.90 and 1.95.

How to Bet on NBA Moneylines

Betting on the moneylines is where you place a head-to-head bet on which team you believe will win the game. Most importantly, this bet type includes over time, a common thing in NBA games. All you need to do is to predict who will emerge victorious at the end of the game.

How to Bet on NBA Futures and Outrights

Lastly, there’s betting on NBA futures and outright markets. It’s simple than you may think. It involves wagering on whom you think will emerge the winner of the following:

  • NBA Championship
  • Western Conference
  • Eastern Conference
  • NBA Most Valuable Player
  • Division Winner

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