Top Football Betting Sites 2023

Finding top football betting sites is important for many reasons. Besides having one of the best betting experiences, you also give yourself a good chance at realizing some big bucks.  Whether you are wagering on the EPL, La Liga, NFL, the Bundesliga, Serie A, or any other football leagues, you want to know that you are wagering at some of the best football betting sites. If you are here and looking for the best sites to bet on football, you are in the right place. Here, we recommend the best sites to bet on football. Our list contain some of the best betting perfect for you, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced sports bettor.

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Online betting on football can be a lot of fun and exciting, but only if you wager at some of the best online football betting sites. Top betting sites are safe, secure, trustworthy, and offer an honest platform to use. So, what are some of the best online football betting sites for 2022? Below are some of what we established to be the best ones for 2022.


Bet365 is one of the leading bookmakers in the globe. They come in as one of the top online football betting sites in the globe, if not the best. Bet365 is one of the best UK betting sites, with new UK customers joining the site almost daily. This bookie is also home to millions of football punters not only in the UK, but also in many other jurisdictions across the globe. It has customers in the US, Africa, and Asia.

The variety of football markets that that bet365 offers is one of the reasons that this bookmaker appears to have an edge over its rivals. For example, they include how many free-kicks or throw-ins a team will get during a game. But besides this, bet365 also offers players the option of wagering on player props for some of the biggest football leagues. It means that players can choose specific players’ shot lines or pass lines.

Bet365 also offers punters a chance to cash-out, something that not so many bookmakers are able to offer. New players that get to register at bet365 can claim up to $30 or currency equivalent in Bet Credits. This bookmaker supports in-play and live streaming services, not forgetting a plethora of banking options that players can use.


Having opened for business a decade ago in 2011, 1XBET is another bookie that ranks highly as one of the best online football betting sites. 1XBET has a lot to recommend about, chief among them being ideal odds on football. Other advantages that come with 1XBET include an impressive choice of bets on footballing matches, live streams, and special football bets.

1XBET may not come in as one of the best pool betting sites on football. However, they have managed to develop according to the changing needs of online football betting enthusiasts. Besides 1XBET giving you a chance to wager on a wide variety of football competitions, there’s more to it. Here, you can wager on in-play, especially with the introduction of live betting.

1XBET has an impressive football betting market. As a bettor, you can wager from a simple bet on match winner, to wagering on first half results. You can also wager on match goalscorer to player of the match, among others. In short, there’s world of possibilities at your fingertips at 1XBET. If you’d like to switch up your soccer betting game, look no further than 1XBET.

In addition, there’s a massive selection of global tournaments and football leagues readily waiting for 1XBET customers. Whether you want to try your hand at the Belgian First Division or on the Champions League, there are plenty of international betting opportunities waiting for you at 1XBET.


Established four years ago in 2018, 22BET managed to quickly climb up in the chart as one of the best soccer betting sites. 22BET feature in our list of one of the best online football betting sites for 2022. There are plenty of reasons for this. First, they offer their services in more than 50 countries.

Even though 22BET offers more than 1,000 markets on a daily basis, their main football seems to lie on football, especially on several European leagues and championships. This bookie also aims at satisfying the interest of South American and African bettors who are mostly keen on derbies in their respective continents. But you’ll also find North American or Asian championships.

22BET has one of the best odds on football matches and fair promotions for players who get to wager on football matches. Having this in mind, you can wager on both in-play and pre-match events on the Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Ligue 1, China Super League, and the China Super League, among others.

Besides its generous bonuses valid for days, regular promos, high payouts, and the availability of cash outs, 22BET is a top football-betting site. Here, you are bound to enjoy top football odds, plenty of soccer bet types, and an impressive coverage of football leagues.


Betway is an international sports betting site established in 2006, with licenses in several countries across the globe. While there are other notable names known for football betting, we couldn’t fail to include Betway in our list.

Football fans looking to wager at Betway can wager on several leagues and events from across the globe at Betway. If you wish to wager on the English Premier League, Copa Libertadores, Virtual Football, or the Spanish La Liga, Betway has got you covered.

The live football betting section at Betway is also easy to navigate, meaning that you can place your bets fast. There are also live stats available for the entire football matches. Football bettors can also watch their favorite live streams of football at Betway.

Besides, Betway offers solid odds for punter who wager on football at their site. They have an average betting margin of around 4.5%. That’s not all. We’ve managed to test the odds at Betway by randomly selecting some of the popular football leagues. Our findings indicated that they have attractive betting margin of around 5%.


Lastly, we have 888sport as one of the best online football betting sites for 2022. While this bookie caters for a variety of markets, if you are looking to wager on football, you’ll be spoilt for choice at 888sport. This sportsbook predominantly covers the entire mainstream leagues. But something ideal about them is that they also cater for other football leagues in the globe.

888sport covers top Europe’s leagues, including the EPL, La Liga, and the Bundesliga. As a bettor, you can take a dive into the local calendar. Here you can wager with up-to-date odds on the FA, Championship, College Football, the FA, and more.

If you are looking for a site with the latest in-play markets for several football leagues, look no further than 888sport. Here, you are bound to find of an impressive range of tournaments, football leagues and international football competitions.

888sport has an Up For 8 feature on football. Bettors can find this unique feature at 888sport. Here, you get to predict 8 correct win-draw-win results. If your bet wins, you get up to £8,000 or currency equivalent. It gets even better. If you happen to fall short, you get a £1 free bet for every correct pick.

Benefits of betting on football

Sports betting is one of those activities that’s increasingly gaining massive popularity globally. This is partly due to the availability of internet, something that increases the convenience of sports betting as bettors can wager from the comfort of their homes.

With the unprecedented growth of online sports betting industry, sports betting operators seem to have increased in equal measure. Football remains a popular sport that millions of bettors do take part in almost daily. Several benefits accompany football betting, more than wagering on most of other sports.

When you choose to wager on football, you are bound to enjoy a massive range of bets. Some of the best football betting sites offer bettors a massive range of bets, others offering more than 100 bet types on football. With a massive range of bet types, players have a chance of increasing their bankroll.

Another advantage that comes with football betting is that it’s highly convenient. Individuals from almost every other corner of the globe can access online football betting, and wager regardless of their location. All that you need is a device with excellent internet connectivity.

Wagering on football is one area of sport betting where you stand to enjoy attractive bonuses and promos. Many bookies understand that many players like to wager on soccer. In a bid to attract them, most of them offer attractive bonuses and promos on footballing events.

Football bettors also stand a chance to fund their accounts using a variety of safe and convenient options. With football being the most popular sports globally, operators try to ensure that their customers have access to plenty of banking methods.

Betting on football is also easy to get started. Unlike other sports that may require time to learn, such isn’t the case with football. Football rules are mostly simple to comprehend, making wagering on such events easy.

Football competitions available to bet on

Football and betting have enjoyed a long history together. Unlike a few years back where it was impossible to wager on several football leagues, such isn’t the case today. With technological development and legalization of football betting almost everywhere, you can wager on several football leagues and tournaments.

Now more than ever, we have plenty of betting options for almost every other soccer league on the globe. It can be sometimes confusing for bettors to figure out which football leagues to wager on. However, the following are some of the best ones that you may want to try, especially if you intend at making some profits:

Premier League

The Premier League is undoubtedly the biggest and one of the best soccer leagues in the world. The EPL extends to betting options too. Here, you’ll can be sure to find plenty of betting options for the entire 380 matches in a season, including in-play wagers, live streams, and plenty of bet types at multiple bookies. What’s more, potential bets for the EPL aren’t restricted to match actions only. There are bets available for head coach firings and hirings, transfers, and so on, giving bettors a host of opportunities to make some quick cash.

Serie A

A premier football league in Italy first founded in 1898, Serie A came in as the third-best league in Europe by UEFA in 2019. Serie A enjoys a massive following in Italy and other places across the globe.  Serie A is another top football competition worth betting on, anytime there are such actions. This top flight of Italian football has featured some of the best players and the biggest teams of all times.

While Serie A may not be quite as revered as it was in before, nevertheless, it remains one of those football leagues to wager on. They have some of the most attractive odds, several bet types on football, and attractive football bonuses for punters. You can wager on top goal scorer of the season, on cards, corners, and player to score, among others.

Slightly less tougher than the Premier League, Serie A offers some of the most toughest mid table matches, and a chance to capitalize if you know how each team tends to perform.

La Liga

Made up of 20 teams, the Spanish La Liga is another football competition full of betting opportunities. As one of the toughest and the most competitive of the football leagues, the number of derby games is incredible. Hardly a week passes without top teams facing each other in this competition.

The polarized nature of the Spanish La Liga leaves too much space for underdog teams to surprise the titans. This is a big advantage for punters. For instance, wagering at massive odds on the likes of Leganes beating Barcelona in a busy week for the Catalan outfit may be a brilliant move under right circumstances,

La Liga is one of those misbalanced competitions with few outstanding teams. It has several mid table derbies that consist of fantastic odds.


Consisting of 16 teams that take part to be crowned champions, the German top flight is another league that many of the globe’s football punter wager on. The Bundesliga is another top league that regularly produces top European champion candidates. Without a doubt, the Bundesliga is a top football league that you may want to be on.

The Bundesliga hasn’t been home to some of the notable players in football as such. However, it enjoys a desirable of respect in football circles. The Bundesliga is somewhat crowded with teams that mostly evenly matched. This is a good opportunity for betting enthusiasts with a clear understanding of the ins and outs of clubs involved.

International tournaments

So far, soccer-betting enthusiasts can enjoy 5 international soccer tournaments. They include the World Cup, African Cup of Nations, Copa America, Confederations Cup, and the Gold Cup. Others include FIFA and the UEFA European Championship. Most of these competitions take place a year, two years, or four years after a major footballing event.

For players, this is a chance to wager to wager on their favorite teams or players. During such international events, bookies offer plenty of bet types and attractive odds on teams taking part on an event. For bettors, this is a good chance to take advantage of good odds, especially when underdog nations triumph over the favorites.

Champions League

By far, the Champions League remains to be the most competitive international football competition. 32 get to compete on who’ll be declared the ultimate champion of Europe. At the club level, the Champions League remains one of the most prestigious event. It makes it a very interesting competition to bet on.

Online bookies all over the globe offer bettors countless special offers on this competition. It’s something that makes wagering on the Champions League something worth trying. It may be difficult to make a correct prediction on the Champions League, and the extra value bettors get can hardly be matched by other competitions.

Europa League

The Europa League is another international competition that has some international significance. Unlike the Champions League that sees top teams and champions of different countries facing off, the case is different in the Europa League. This competition is a competition of the clubs that just fell slightly short to compete.

With most teams in the Europa League somewhat balanced, games tend to be unpredictable and tougher. Such leads to high odds and some of the most fantastic wagering opportunities. Well-informed players can capitalize on these opportunities. If you consider yourself as those smart punters, you may want to try your luck in the Europa League. There’s a great selection of games, especially on group match days, a good reason as to why the Europa League remains a top competition wager on.

Betting tips and strategies

Are you one of those players struggling to win when it comes to football betting? Are you tired of losing your hard-earned funds at bookmakers? First, you don’t need to worry as there are millions other bettors just like you. At this point, we list 7 killer tips that you can use to win or maximize your chances of winning your football bet(s). Here is what you need to do right away, so that you don’t up on the losing side of a football most of the time, especially for new customers to a site:

Follow expert prediction

One of the easiest ways of winning a football bet is relying on expert prediction. While tipsters may not be right all the time, mostly, though, these tipsters have sufficient knowledge and experience that that can help you beat the bookies. If you stick to expert prediction, you enhance your chances of winning a soccer bet, not forgetting that your job becomes easier. There’s no spending too much time on soccer analysis, whom to wager on or how much to stake. All the hard work is done for you.

Get to profit with matched betting

Another way of ensuring that you maximize your football winnings is if you try the matched betting strategy. Over the years, this strategy has proved to be profitable with players realizing some huge winnings when using it.

Matched betting is a sport betting strategy that guarantees profits from bookies promotions and free bets. With almost all bookmakers offering some sort of promotions, especially in terms of free bets credited to players’ accounts. You can win from this strategy. All that you need to do find a free bet, place a qualifying bet, go ahead and place an opposite bet, and use the free bet. Thereafter, you go ahead and place another lay bet, and make a guaranteed profit. It’s as simple as that.

Maintain a record

Keeping a record is another footballing strategy that may see you enhancing your chances of winning football bets. When it comes to wagering, maintaining a clear record on the bets that you hit and those you miss is important if you intend at winning on a regular basis.

You need maintain a record of bets you win and those you lose, the amount that you get to stake on bets, and the overall loss or profit from each bet. You need to have a record of anything that you perceive important in your bet analysis. That way, you’ll get a clear picture on whether you current football strategy is working or not. Please gamble responsibly at all times.

Change bookmakers

You need to change between different bookies more often. You can wager many sites at when it comes to football betting. While each bookie will want you to wager with them, you’ll notice far more opportunities when you choose to look at different bookmakers.

If you aren’t keen on the idea of having multiple bookmaker accounts as one of your football betting strategy, without a doubt, you are missing a lot. Bookies offer new and existing customers a wide range of different bets and promotions. Not all of them are the same, and you need to try different bookies to maximize your profits.

Stay impartial – bet with your mind, not your heart

Another strategy that may see you boosting your chances of winning a football bet is if you choose to stay impartial. Here, you don’t need to bet with your heart. Does the team you love scheduled to play equally tough opponents soon? Is the team struggling with injuries or a poor run in form? If you are to wager on the match, you may want to stay impartial and bet for the opponent.

Don’t get to wager based on your emotions. In fact, many tipsters advice against wagering on a team that you ardently support. Bringing emotions into the mix could eventually cloud your judgment. If emotions get the better of you, take a break on betting and try at a time when you feel more analytical.

Have a clear understanding of football inside out

There’s nothing more dangerous than registering your account, making a deposit, and immediately placing a football. You need to be aware of almost every detail of the team or player that you are about to place your bet(s) on. You’ll also need to have a clear understanding of their opponents before placing your bets.

Some of the most important aspects that you need to factor in include their current form, and their recent results. Have you factored important factors such as injury list and team selections? While these may seem like little details, they may end up affecting your bet.

If you want to be on the ball, you may want to watch as many football games as possible. If not, you may want to rely on live streaming services as much as you can to get a clear understanding of how certain teams play. With a clear comprehension of football, you highly boost you chances of succeeding at football bets.

Know the available football markets

Lastly, you need to be aware of the available football markets to win more on football bets. While it’s a good thing understanding the sport inside out, having an idea of the available markets is also crucial. In the modern world of online football wagering, there seems to a never-ending number of football markets.

Besides the common market such as 1X2, you try on other profitable markets such as Both Teams to Score, the number of goals to be scored in a match, team to win in both halves, and the number of yellow cards, penalties, or corners. These kinds of markets mostly come with profitable odds and better value.

Popular types of bets

Football remains the mother of all the sports when it comes to wagering on it. There’s a bulk of football actions almost every week. With such, you can wager on football in many ways. If you are a beginner to the world of soccer betting or would prefer to discover more ways to wager on football, you may want to pay close attention.

At this point, we run through some of the most popular types of bets in football. This is our list of the most popular types of football bets available. There are plenty of football bet types, but the ones we list are the most common ones. In brackets are abbreviations that you may mostly see referred to in these football bet types. Here we go!

Final Result

Final or full time result is the most common type of football bet. Here, you get to predict the match result after 90 minutes of play. Most people know it a “WLD” – for win lose draw- or “1x2” – being the pool notation for home win, draw, or an away win-.

Here, you are predicting as to whether the result of a football match at the end of normal time of play will be one of the three options – a win for the home team, a tie, or a win for the away team. For example, let’s assume that Manchester City are playing against Burnley. If you bet Burnley to win, your bet wins if Burnley actually wins.

Your bet loses if the match ends in a tie, or if Manchester City wins. It’s as simple as that.

Win to Nil

Win to Nil is another popular type of bet in football. While this may seem like a complicated type of football bet, in the real sense, it’s not. When it comes to this type of betting, a bettor gets to place two simultaneous bets – a bet that a team will emerge victorious, known as back bet, and another bet that the other team will fail to score a goal in a match.

In a win to nil type of bet, you need to be aware that both bets have to win for your bet to pay out. If not, you lose your bet. In simple terms, a win to nil bet is a bet that that the winning team will not concede even a single goal. Think of a 1-0, 2-0, or 3-0 score line as an example of such a bet.

Double Chance (DC)

Double Chance bet in football is one of the safest or more of a low-risk bet. While the returns may be low, chances of winning your bet are high. In this type of bet, bettors get two chances to win on their wagers. The home team might emerge victorious, it may end in a draw, or the away side could win instead.

Double chance means that two outcomes can happen in a match with your bet still winning. Here, you select two possible outcomes as opposed to one. For example, let’s assume that Sevilla are playing against Villarreal, and place a Double Chance bet on Villarreal. If the match ends in a draw or Villarreal wins, your bet wins. Should Sevilla win the match, your bet loses.

Correct Score (CS)

As the name suggests, this is a type of bet where you predict the actual score line at the end of a match at the end of 90 minutes. Here, you need to be aware that scores are quotes such as “Home Team Score – Away Team Score.” Make sure that you check such to get everything right.

Since there plenty of possible scorelines for a game, the odds on this type of bet tend to be quite high, but the chances of winning are extremely low. While the chances of winning are low, if you get it right, your winnings will be quite handsome.

You may try this type of football bet if you know a team’s scoring habits. Assuming that Chelsea are facing Arsenal and bet on a correct score of 2-1 in favor of Chelsea, you bet wins if Chelsea beat Arsenal by 2-1. Any other score apart from that will see your bet lose.

First Goal Scorer (FGS)

The first goal scorer is pretty much as it sounds – who’ll get to score the first goal. There’s the option for “no goalscorer” in the event that there’s no goal scored in “normal time.” But some issues may arise here that you need to check with your bookie. Some bookies down count Own Goals and won’t consider them under this type of bet. Be sure that you check with a bookmaker of choice on whether they count Own Goals or not.

Secondly, there’s the issues of substitutes. If you back Edinson Cavani to score first Man Utd but he stays on the substitute’s bench, or comes on after the first goal has been scored, will you get your money back? Mostly, you will. But again, you need to check with your bookie. This type of bet is ideal, especially if you have a lethal striker whose chances of scoring in a game are high.

Half time/Full time (HT/FT)

This is another common football, also known as “double result.” In this type of bet, you are predicting the result of a football match at half time and full time, but in the same bet. This type of bet is interesting, especially in a situation where one team is highly stronger than their opponents.

This type of betting has some slightly higher odds as opposed to wagering on a team to win at full time. But again, it can be a risky bet and not always sensible to wager on a team to something out of the ordinary. Half time / Full time bets are common across a majority of bookmakers, and be sure to find this bet type on the bookies that we listed earlier.

How do I bet on football?

Football is the most popular sport globally, not only for watching, but also for wagering on. For players, especially new ones, wagering on football may seem like a challenging task, more so if they don’t a lot about wagering on football. If you are only interested in betting for fun, then there’s nothing to worry about as such.

But betting for fun isn’t mostly the case. Many bettors who wager on football do so hoping to strike it lucky. Sadly, a sizable number of them don’t understand how to bet on football. So, how do you bet on football? Everything is simple than you may imagine.

Before you dive into the world of football betting, make sure that you know the ins and outs of football. Familiarize yourself with different types of football bets, as there are quite a number of them out there. If possible, try and under the rules of football before trying to immerse yourself in the world online football betting.

Where to wager on your football bets is another thing that you need know before wagering. How and where do you wager on football? Are there any min odds to know? Before you wager on football, you need to ensure that you do at top betting sites. You need to wager at licensed and experienced bookies that have a good reputation.

If possible, you have to watch as many football games as possible to familiarize yourself with important things about football. That way, you’d be able to wager on football without difficulties.

Which bookies have acca insurance?

Acca insurance is a sportsbook promotion that offers insurance, but only on accumulator bets. The insurance means that if all but a single selection wins and other one loses, as opposed to losing 100% of your stake, you get it back in form of bonuses, free bets, and sometimes cash.

888sports is one of the best bookies known for having acca insurance. They have 5+leg accas across a majority of sports, football being one of them.

Which football bookies have early payout offers?

Early payout offers, just as the name suggests, provide bettors with all their winnings earlier than usual. Early payouts are included as standard at some top online betting sites. Bet365 and 22BET are apt examples of bookies that have early payout offers. But in all the bookies that we’ve reviewed, Bet365 are the best when it comes to early payout offers.

Is football betting on mobile possible?

Wagering on football on mobile is possible. In fact, it’s the latest trend across online sports betting. With technological advancements and development of app, most betting sites are now introducing their native apps that players can download and bet while on the go. Those that lack native apps put in place a decent mobile site to enable on-the-go bettors to wager easily. So, football betting on mobile is a big possibility.


What is the ideal method for depositing funds at online betting sites?

It depends. A bettor may find one method of deposit to be ideal from the other one. Each one has its own merits and demerits. But we always recommend on one that that’s quick, safe, and convenient.

What are some of the best online football betting sites?

Many bookies are now offering online football betting services. Some are good, while others aren’t so good. The ones we mentioned earlier such as Betway, Bet365, 22BET, IXBET, and 888sport are some of the best in business.

Is online football betting legal?

It depends on your jurisdiction. There are places where all forms of gambling –including football betting – is illegal. But in most cases, online football betting isn’t illegal.

Is online football betting addictive?

Generally, gambling tends to be addictive. Online football betting, if not controlled, can be addictive. You need to seek help from experts should you feel that your football gambling activities are getting out of hand.

Does it matter if a football-betting site is licensed?

Yes. You do not to gamble at an unlicensed online football-betting site. If they disappear with your funds or fail to honor the terms and conditions, you’d have no one to blame.

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