Top Boxing Betting Sites for 2023

Boxing is one of the oldest competitive sports known to man and a hugely popular betting market. If you look around, you’ll notice that nowadays, reputable online bookmakers offer their customers a chance to wager on boxing on nearly every major bout found across all the professional weight divisions. Betting on boxing events comes into the mind of many bettors when they think of wagering on sports. It’s one of the greatest sporting events to wager on and there’s a very rich history of betting on boxing. Plus, there are plenty of options available now in 2022 when it comes to the best boxing sites. Looking around, you’ll notice the availability of many sites that offer customers a chance to wager on boxing.

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Do you love betting on boxing? If your answer is yes, count yourself lucky. We also love boxing and in this comparison, we’ve put together some of the best boxing betting sites of 2022 as rated by real users. Therefore, get your bags packed on for our journey in the quest to find the best boxing betting sites out there.

If you love wagering on boxing, then read to discover a range of reliable boxing betting sites where you can go to lay down some bets on your favorite sport. Here, you’ll not only discover some of the best online boxing betting sites, but also other helpful information on how we rank boxing betting bookies, the types of boxing bets, benefits of wagering on boxing, boxing betting tips and boxing betting mistakes to avoid among others.

The world of boxing is now more competitive than it was before and you’ll need all the information that you can get your hands on. As a player, you need to wager at some of the best online boxing betting sites, especially if you are wagering for real money. Having said all that, the following are top 3 bookies whom we established to be the very best online boxing betting sites in 2022.

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One of the best features of MyBookie Sportsbook is their boxing odds. They have what a majority of bettors consider the biggest menu of boxing betting lines in the industry. We’ve seen them post everything from major boxing events all the way to down the undercards. When it comes to boxing props, no any other bookie does it better than MyBookie. They have plenty of lines on fights before they even become official. They also offer almost every other type of selection with the props, such as how the fight will end or in which round it will end.


Bovada is another top boxing betting site that’s currently home to thousands of boxing betting enthusiasts across the globe. Bovada have in place some of the best boxing bonuses and promotions. They also boast of several betting lines under the best odds possible. Its amazing reputation, fast payouts, cash out and an added layer of security makes Bovada one of the most trustworthy boxing betting sites around. They offer some of the best odds on boxing and cover boxing events for all major and minor upcoming boxing fights. If you are looking for one of the most popular betting websites for boxing, you may want to try Bovada Sportsbook.

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For betting on boxing, the top spot to find some of the best boxing odds along with relevant news is with This bookie delivers their boxing lines well in advance for some of the hottest premier titles fights under the cards. Bettors with accounts at get an extra advantage of boxing lines and news articles that break down and predict the results for boxing betting lines.

Who needs to take advantage of these boxing betting sites?

We’ve managed to compare a myriad of some of the best boxing betting sites in an attempt to help any and every other boxing betting enthusiasts looking to lay down some bets. Regardless of whether it’s your first time wagering on boxing or if you happen to be a long time bettor, this guide is intended for you.

For starters, we’ve ensured that the operators we mention are proactively secure and safe, meaning that your time wagering in boxing will be all the fun with nothing to worry. We have also ensured that you wager at sites with some of the most competitive boxing odds, so that you stand a chance of getting the most out of your bets.

For the well-travelled bettors out there, the operators that you find in our list are guaranteed to give you access to some of the best boxing online action from the entire favorite federations and leagues.

How We Rank Best Boxing Betting Sites

Today, many bookmakers are in business, with a good number of them accepting wagers on boxing. Almost all of them claim to be the best in business but on a closer examination, that’s not the case as such. We want you to play at some of the best online boxing betting sites. Some parameters determine the best boxing betting sites. In our ranking, we look at the following factors.

Top security protocols

As a user, it’s vital for you to ensure that the operator of your choice offers a secure online platform. The platform that they offer should employ the use of HTTP over SSL protocols as a means of encrypting communication that takes place over networks. If you don’t know whether a site is secure or not, you can go ahead and look at its URL. If it begins with HTTPS, you can continue, with the assurance of a safe gambling experience.

Reputable banking options

For you to make online bets, you’ll need to link your betting account to some payment platform(s) that you prefer. When choosing a boxing bookie, as much as possible, try to ensure that the bookmaker offers you a secure means of processing your transactions. Regardless of whether you use bank cards, prepaid cards or e-wallet, always err on the side of caution while ensuring that you enable authentication if it’s all possible.

Attentive customer support

A good customer support system is important when travelling the world of online sports betting. As a bettor, you want to have all your queries and issues resolved as efficiently as possible and such is only possible if the operator of your choice runs an efficient customer support department. Some of the best boxing betting bookmakers are those ones with innovative customer support. All the bookies listed above have some of the best support reps, ready to offer assistance when needed.

Valid licensing

Licensing is highly important when choosing a boxing betting site. Licensing ensures that the operator of your choice is acting in good faith, meaning that you’ll have a fair sports betting experience. If you find that your current provider lacks a valid sports betting license, then you may want to find another provider with a valid license. When doing our ranking, we give top priority to operators that do business under a valid license.

Fair gambling

It’s in your best interest to find a bookmaker who’s affiliated with some regulatory body to ensure the legitimacy of their services. They seek to offer a safe and fair environment where bettors can do the things that they enjoy with minimal negative repercussions. In short, the operator of your choice should provide a fair gambling environment, especially in terms of odds and payouts.

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and promotions attract new customers, retain old ones and encourage dormant bettors to place their bets. When choosing boxing betting sites, among other things, ensure that you play at those sites that offer regular boxing bonuses and other promotional offers that are valid for days before expiry. You need to play at sites that offer their customers some free bets from time to time. We also rank sites based on their bonuses and promotions and luckily enough, all the above sites do well in this department.

Types of Boxing Bets

When it comes to wagering on boxing, as a boxing betting enthusiast, you have plenty of different options on what you can wager on here. Many new boxing betting enthusiasts only think that they can wager on the fight winner only, but in the real sense, there are plenty of other options available. This not only makes wagering on boxing bouts more fun, but it also adds a ton of other extra ways for you to make money. Below is a list of different types of boxing bets.

To-Win Bets / Outright Winner

Easily the most common boxing bet that most bettors are probably aware of is the to-win wager. Sometimes, this type of bet is referred to as the moneyline bet. Here, you need to pick who you think is going to emerge victorious at the end of the fight. If the boxer that you select emerges the winner, you win your to-win wager. Unfortunately, you lose your bet if the boxer you choose loses the fight.

When the Fight End Bets

One of the most popular things that you can wager on in a boxing fight that many people don’t about is when the fight is going to end. Having an idea of who’s going to win is great. But are you aware that you’ll get your payments if you can clearly figure out when the fight is going to in? Something ideal about these bets is that you don’t even have to pick who’s going to win the fight. There are four different variations of fight timing wagers. They include Go the Distance, Over/Under Round Bets, Group Round Bets and Specific Rounds.

With Go the Distance, you are betting on whether or not the fight will go the distance. Here, you are betting on whether the fight will end before the scheduled rounds are all completed, or it will go the judge’s scorecard. In Over/Under Round Bets, the bookmaker will pick a particular point or round in a particular round and allow bettors to choose if the bout will end before or after that point. In Group Round Bets, you are allowed to choose a group of rounds that you think the fight is going to end in. here, it doesn’t matter who emerges the winner or how they win it. Lastly, there’s the Specific Rounds. With this bet, you’re going to be picking one specific round that you think the fight is going to end in. If you are right, then you are the winner.

Double Chance Bets

Another common type of boxing bet is the double chance bet. This type of bet takes the to-win bet and mixes it with a traditional method of victory wager. A method of victory wager is a bet where you need to select whether the fight will end by TKO/KO or through a decision. In most cases, you will not be able to see this by itself in boxing since it’s technically a go the distance bet.

Knock Down Special Bets

This is a popular prop bet where you get to wager whether or not one fighter will be able to knock down the other fighter at any point during the fight. This one is simple. If the fighter you pick to knock down the other one does so, you win.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets, also known as prop bets are wagers where you bet on whether something is going to happen in a fight or not. These are those types of bets where you’ll be able to choose yes or no in regards to something occurring in a fight. For example, will there be a knockdown? Or will the fight go the distance? Those are two example that we’ve addressed above.

In-Round Bets

The last type of boxing bet that we’d like to talk about are in-round wagers. These are bets that you are allowed to make after the opening bell has rung. They are only available at online betting sites and not in brick-and-mortar shops. The way it works is quite simple. At the end of each round, new lines will be availed for you to wager on. These lines are mostly reflective of what has already transpired in the fight. What bettors are able to wager between rounds will depend on how expansive the in-round betting offering are at a bookmaker of your choice. Mostly, though, you’ll be able to wager on who the winner of the fight will be and if the fight will end in the next round or not.

Boxing Betting Tips & Strategies

When it comes to betting on boxing, there’s nothing more dangerous than wagering blindly without following some tips and boxing betting strategies. While there’s no tip or strategy that’s 100% true, before wagering on boxing, it may be wise to go through expert advice before placing your bets on boxing.

First, before you place your boxing bets, make sure that you use betting tips that relate to boxing. Make sure that you go through betting predictions that relate to boxing. Next, do not take boxing betting tips as a means of success. The tips that you get should only deepen your understanding of where to place your bets. You can read all the tips you find, but never forget to follow your tips.

Lastly, make sure that you know the ins and out of the game properly. You would not stride into a ring while unprepared. Therefore, don’t place bets unprepared. Do your homework and undertake some research before placing your boxing bets. Make sure that you know the game and you’ll instantly improve your odds of success.

Benefits of Betting on Boxing

Betting on boxing is beneficial. Some benefits are financial, while some of them are entertainment based. Most bettors aim for the former. Betting on boxing can be lucrative. There’s no denying the fact that lots of money can be realized from wagering on boxing. In fact, if you take things seriously here, boxing has the potential of being your main source of income.

Besides, boxing is also beneficial as it increases the excitement of all matches. Some players may be interested in wagering purely for entertainment reasons or a mix between financial and entertainment reasons. But there’s too much fun when betting on a match and waiting to see the fighter you’re cheering going for a win.

Betting on boxing also makes you a better fan. The moment you put your money onto a fight, you naturally have the desire to become an expert. You begin doing research and looking into several fighters in a bid to learn everything that you can. That way, you slowly end up being a betting boxing fan.

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