Best Cash Out Betting Sites Guide

Cash Out is rapidly turning out to be the latest marketing mantra used by online betting sites across the world. It has become a game-changer in the competitive online betting industry as bookmakers have used it to lure players into signing up accounts with them. So what exactly is Cash Out? Is it a snake-oil gimmick

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What is Cash Out, and how does it work?

Cash Out is a betting option provided by online sportsbooks that allow players’ bets to be settled before an event comes to an end. What this means is that instead of bets being determined by the fulltime results of an event, with Cash Out bets can be settled even on an ongoing match.

Cash Out has become popular as players have been using this option to cut out their losses on losing bets, of which had there been no option for Cash Out, it would mean losing your stake. Players have used the Cash Out option as a strategy to hoard profit from bets running. Remember, a small profit is better than a big loss.

It works in the following manner: when a bettor places a bet, and the game begins, the happenings during the game affect the odds values. For instance, if the odd for Arsenal F.C to win was 2.0 before match kickoff, and Arsenal F.C scores a goal, the live odds will lower, let say to 1.5. If Arsenal scores more goals, the live odds will keep on decreasing. If the opponents score a goal, the odds of Arsenal will rise, and the odds of the opponents will lower. These live prices are what affect the Cash Out amount. If a bet you placed is turning out to be in your favor, the live odds will lower, and the Cash Out amount increases. If the bet you placed is turning out to be a loser, the odds will increase and the Cash Out price will below you stake amount or possibly even be disabled. Cash Out is an exciting feature as it is also thrilling and fun.

Difference between partial, full, and Auto Cash Out

There are three ways you can Cash Out your money from a sportsbook, either full, auto, or partially. The partial Cash Out allows you to Cash Out you’re a percentage of your winnings or losses. Most sportsbooks use a slider which makes it even easier. Alternatively, you can input manually what you intend to lock. One the target amount has been hit, it will lock itself, and the remaining amount will be active.

Auto Cash Out allows bettors to set a target amount which once hit, the Cash Out rule will apply and lock the target amount automatically. The bettor doesn’t need to keep an eye on the bet since the bookmaker software will lock the amount automatically. This feature is resourceful, especially for bettors who can’t be glued to the screen when the matches are continuing, or when you are sleeping or busy with something else.

Full Cash Out is the conventional method that is found amongst many sportsbooks. You have to Cash Out what is available for Cash Out without any configuration or settings. You will be required to be next to your screen as it assumes you keeping up with what’s going on with your bet. All these methods have merits and demerits. It is your need as a bettor will determine which is best for you. Also you should consider a sportsbook which has these two options.

What sports can you Cash Out?

Some sports are better than others are when it comes to taking advantage of cash out. This is for a number of reasons, including the fact that online bookies offer this feature mostly for the biggest tournaments and leagues. The following are suggestions for some of the best sports for using cash out.


Football is a popular sports that almost every other online betting site with cash out cover, at least when it comes to major leagues. A primary reason as to why you should think about using this feature is based on the low-scoring nature of football. Last goals and last-minute drama are a big part of football, and losing a wager at the last minute can be painful. However, cash out feature can prevent that.


Basketball, especially the NBA is a league full of twists and turns and as a bettor, you need to know that no lead is actually safe. We often see swings of 20 or even 25 points within the last quarter alone, and losing a bet that looked like a certain winner at some point is a common occurrence. You avoid that by taking advantage of cash out early wagering sites.


Any individual sport may witness some amazing comebacks and tennis is probably an apt example of such a sport. Even in a single match such as women’s tournaments, players go through ups and downs due to weaker serves. A player may have a bunch of match up points but still go on to lose should s/he fail to convert them. That’s the reason as to why closing the wager early is always the smartest decision.

Any individual sport may witness some amazing comebacks and tennis is probably an apt example of such a sport. Even in a single match such as women’s tournaments, players go through ups and downs due to weaker serves. A player may have a bunch of match up points but still go on to lose should s/he fail to convert them. That’s the reason as to why closing the wager early is always the smartest decision.

Apart from football, basketball and tennis, other sports that are ideal for cash out include UFC/MMA, boxing, golf, cricket, American football, ice hockey, and horse racing.

Best Sites with Cash Out option

The following are some of the best bookmaker sites for cash out, especially for 2022. You need to note that we review each sportsbook on a regular basis and update our list accordingly. With that said, below are the best cash out sites.


As one of the world’s largest online sports betting sites, bet365 was one of the first bookmakers to roll out the cash out feature and it’s still one of the best to this day. If you’re looking for a big range of cash outs available, bet365 is the right bookmaker for you. It’s one of the few betting sites to offer their customers full cash out, partial cash out and auto cash out.

The cash out feature available at bet365 can be used on a huge range of single and multiple bets for both in-play markets and pre-match odds. They offer cash out mostly on cricket, football, horse racing, tennis and basketball among others. All this makes bet365 one of the best sportsbooks on the market for those looking to cash out early.

If you choose to wager at bet365, rest assured of a wide selection of cash out markets. There’s also the bet365 Auto Cash Out that will automatically cash you out if you preset a value. Bet365 has a few terms and conditions of cash out. For instance, the min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Also returns exclude bet credits stake.


Betfred is another excellent bookmaker that has the cash out feature. Besides their free bets valid for days and other attractive bonuses, customers can cash out their bets early at Betfred and minimize their losses. Based on our in-depth review, we discovered Betfred’s cash out system to be satisfactory enough. With just a simple click on the cash out icon, you’ll have your funds in your account in less than a minute!

The process of cashing out at Betfred is simple and straightforward. First, you need to make sure that the cash out is available. Next go and open your bets on the bet slip. Thereafter, find your wager that you intend to cash out and see the return that the bookmaker offers you. After that, simply click on “Cash Out” if you are satisfied with the offer. Your cash out value will be transferred to your account immediately.

Betfred’s cash out system is available on a wide range of sports such as football, horse racing, basketball, golf, hockey, and rugby to mention but a few. Cashing out at Betfred is simple and easy, a big reason as to why we believe that this bookmaker is among the best betting sites with cash out feature and certainly the top place for players who like the feature.


Betfair sportsbook is another top site that has both the partial cash out and auto cash out functionality, something that makes it one of the best bookies on the market with this system. They also have the cash out option on the exchange part of their site, a factor that sets them apart from their bookmaking rivals, meaning that bettors can lay off their bets and won’t have any bookmaker’s margins.

Another brilliant aspect of Betfair cash out is that the moment you request it, your cash out value hits your account almost immediately. Unlike other sites that take long to settle customer cash out requests, such isn’t the case at Betfair. You’d like to have your cash out funds within the shortest time possible. Such is what you get at Betfair.

The above is not all regarding Betfair’s cash out system. Betfair cash out runs in play on horse racing, meaning that instead of the market getting suspended the moment the race is underway, you’ll notice that there’s a faster refresh rate and live cash out updates during a race. Not so many bookies offer such a feature. However, at Betfair, you are able to enjoy live cash out updates when the race is underway and be able to cash out if you feel that your bet may not materialize.


Even though QuinnBet is one of those newly established sportsbooks, they are certainly one of the best in business based on several reasons. Besides their attractive welcome offers, attentive customer care, and a plethora of banking options, what makes this bookmaker to feature among the top bookies in business is their cash out feature.

Are you looking for cash out options? If your answer is yes, then QuinnBet is a solid choice in comparison with many of its competitors. There’s a clearly marked section in players’ account for all their cash out bets, and the moment you place a bet on the site, you’ll see 3 coins that mark as a symbol indicating that a bet qualifies for cash out.

At QuinnBet too, there’s a notification the moment your cash out is successful and, while other bookmakers seem to have more choices of cash out features, QuinnBet is ideal for players looking for a new bookmaker. No any other new bookmaker in business does quite well in terms of a faster cash out system than the one at QuinnBet.


If you are on the lookout for cash out markets, then BetVictor is among one of the finest ones out there. Unlike other bookies that may have partial cash out only, such isn’t the case at BetVictor. This operator has both full and partial cash out available. While it might not be the most comprehensive in the world, BetVictor’s cash out is ideal for players looking for solid odds and cash out markets.

BetVictor’s cash out is available for a wide range of sports such as football, rugby, tennis, basketball, golf and horse racing. Their cash out system is highly effective and almost similar to the majority of bookmakers’ offerings, though the user experience on mobile is very good. At BetVictor, you are assured of a huge range of cash out for both pre match and in-play markets.

Specifically tailored for all players with accounts at BetVictor, their cash out feature is easy to find, and you can access cash out markets throughout the site quite easily. Just like plenty of other sites, there are some terms and conditions associated with cash out. For instance, there are no cash outs or repeated bets on the same outcome.

Paddy Power

We cannot complete our list of the best bookmaker sites for cash out without mentioning Paddy Power. Paddy Power is one of the most respected and trusted online sports betting brands around the world. They offer their customers plenty of features, chief among them being the cash out feature. Paddy Power allows their clients to cash out in order to lock in a profit and minimize losses on the site.

Paddy Power have made it public how some of their customers have managed to use their cash out successfully, including one bettor who once stung them for over £80,000 by taking advantage of the cash out system. What’s even better is that the cash out button is clear to use. However, you need to be aware that there are a few events where you’ll be unable to cash out on, especially lower-league soccer or overseas games in obscure competitions.

Despite the above, you may want to be part of Paddy Power if you fancy the cash out feature so much. At Paddy Power, you have the option to cash out partially or in full if you so wish.


22Bet is among the top bookmakers sites for cash out, especially in 2022. This bookmaker targets some of the biggest games and sports, though they also offer one of the smoothest and easy to use cash out feature. Considering the fact that they are relatively new in the online sports betting scene, the range of cash out markets offered at 22Bet is just but impressive to say the least.

At 22Bet sportsbook, you can use the cash out icon before a match begins as well as during the game from your PC, desktop or your mobile app. In other words, they offer cash out both for pre-match and in-play events. Additionally, they offer cash out for a variety of events including football, tennis, cricket and rugby.

If you are looking for a super simple cash out on desktop, your personal computer or from your downloadable mobile app, look no further than 22Bet sportsbook. They are among the best cash out sportsbooks currently in business.


888sport is one of the most experienced online bookmakers having been in business for quite a long time. They boast of many customers from almost every corner of the globe. Plenty of online sports betting enthusiasts find 888sport their go-to sports betting site based on several reasons, one of which is the ability to cash out. At 888sport, you can cash out if you see that your bet may not win.

888sport has in place selected events in pre-match and in-play available for their cash out offer, as well as multiple and single bets that ensure it’s up to the standard of a majority of its competitors. It gets even better at 888sport with their massive amount of cash out markets across several sports. Player that choose to use 888sport mobile app can easily access the cash out from the app.

Besides 888sport free bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement, an initial bet that must be placed on any market, and their minimum stake of £10 at odds of 1.5, plenty of bettors prefer to wager at 888sport since they stand a chance of cashing out and locking in some profits.


Another top sportsbook for cash out, Unibet is today home to more than a million customers globally. Bettors prefer to wager at Unibet based on a number of reasons such as strong banking options, a massive range of sports and markets to wager on, and several attractive bonuses and promotions to mention but a few. However, something else that attract customers at Unibet is the cash out feature.

Unibet sportsbook has cash out available on more than 20 pre-match football wagers, as well as in-play football and outright markets such as winner. Something ideal about Unibet is that their cash out system is very easy to use and almost identical to those of its closest competitors. Even though they haven’t been in the industry for long, they are offering stiff competition to established names, especially with their decent cash out system.


Ladbrokes has managed to earn its name as one of the best online bookmakers based on a number of reasons worth noting. For instance, new customers who wager £5 or currency equivalent get £20 or currency equivalent in free bets. Additionally, Ladbrokes allows their customers to place a minimum of first 5 bets within 14 days of account registration at min odds of 1.5. However, besides all this, bettors find Ladbrokes in ideal sports betting site due to their cash out feature.

First, the Ladbrokes app is exceptionally good for cash out and clearly displayed under the ‘My Bets’ section, something that makes it very easy to find. The cash out button/icon at Ladbrokes is greyed out when unavailable, something that really helps in avoiding confusion as to whether you have a cash out opportunity or not.

At Ladbrokes, you can cash out and minimize your losses when wagering on major sports such as football, rugby, cricket, tennis, and basketball.


Betway sportsbook is simply one of the best online sports betting platforms for cash out you’ll find anywhere in the globe. First off, there’s a massive range of markets across a huge range of sports. While this bookmaker is widely known among bettors, its cash out option is something that has eluded some players.

Betway’s icon to cash out is clearly marked in bright green, making it easy to find. The cash out is available on both multiple and single bets, along with different cash out options. If you so wish, you can fully cash out your bet, or go on to use the very handy partial cash out, something that enables you to leave part of your stake running.


Even though MansionBet doesn’t boast of many customers compared to those of its competitors, nevertheless, they do quite well when it comes to everything to do with cash out. If you are looking for a good cash out service, you may want to consider the one you can find at MansionBet. This bookmaker offer their customers a chance to cash out their winnings in full or partially, with their services being highly reliable, especially during in-play wagers.

William Hill

Lastly, we have William Hill. As one of the oldest bookmakers in the online sports betting scene, William Hill has gained a positive reputation based on plenty of reasons. For instance, within days of opening your account with them, you’ll be offered several bonuses and mouthwatering promotions such as free bets valid up to 7 days. You’ll also be able to wager on a massive range of sports and markets at some of the most competitive odds around.

Besides all the above, what makes William Hill a top bookmaker is its cash out system. William Hill offers full and partial cash out to its customers, with its partial cash out system being one of the best in the market. The cash out icon is clearly visible not forgetting that the slider for cash out is one of the easiest to use on both desktop and mobile.

So there you have it: some of the best bookmakers for cash out. Even though there are plenty of other sites that offer their customers a chance to cash out, the ones that you find featured in our list are some of the best by far.

Criteria used in picking the best Cash Out sites

To arrive at the best Cash Out sites, our team of experts carried out in-depth examination from a pool on online bookmakers. Our experts took into account certain factors that felt they were important in deciding which sites were the best Cash Out sites. Below are the factors that determined which sites rank best for Cash Out.


It is in vain to join a site that has Cash Out feature, but it isn’t regulated. When dealing with an unregulated bookmaker, you are not certain if the odds are fair, whether your money is safe or whether they will disable the Cash Out intentionally. Generally, there are many risks of dealing with an unregulated bookmaker, and when analyzing Cash Out, the best betting sites in our selections are all regulated.

Mobile compatibility

With many online bookies turning their attention to offering mobile betting, it is undeniable that hand held devices offer convenience when betting online. Through betting apps or mobile sites, players can Cash Out on the go. In coming up with the list of the best Cash Out site, we only considered sites with optimized mobile sites or mobile application.

Live betting

Also referred to as in-play betting, live betting allows players to wager on live matches. Players can place bets accumulator bets, single bets, Heinz, super Yankee, and much more. Sportsbooks with such options give players are better since bettors who have live betting strategies can also benefit in case you missed on placing a pre-match bet you will not miss out.

Quality of the odds and the betting lines

The Cash Out amount is affected directly by the live prices. Some bookmakers are known for high prices, and others are known for relatively low odds. In coming up with this guide, our experts picked on the sites that had high odds. It is also important to consider the betting lines because some bookmakers restrict certain bets in the case of Cash Out. Sportsbook who are liberal about their betting lines is preferred.

Payment Options

The best Cash Out betting sites are those that have adequate and diverse payment options. With diverse payment methods comes convenience, implying that players can fund their account instantly, wager, Cash Out, and have his/her winnings back to his wallet. Even though some may take longer, but with plenty of options, players can find the most suitable option that is also cheap to carry out transactions.

How to cash out

Based on our research, we’ve established that cash out systems on most online sports betting sites are the same. Most bookmakers will have a ‘My Bets’ section where all of a player’s open bets will be found. Here, a bettor will be able to see if the wager is eligible for cash out as it will indicate at the bottom of the bottom of the wager a cash out value. You can then go ahead and click on the cash out icon/button with the bet being settled and the amount going to your account.

Partial cash out tends to be slightly different in that as opposed to a cash out button, in most cases, there will be a bar for you to slide between the available cash out value. The moment you’ve decided on how much you want to cash out from the sportsbook, leave the bar on the number you’ve chosen and then click the cash out button.

When to cash out your bet

What’s the best time to cash out your bet? First, a number of factors may contribute to a player deciding the best time to cash out. Some punters will debate about the ideal time to cash out, but if you decide to follow a few simple rules, you’ll certainly make an informed decision.

The right time for you to cash out would be if you highly believe that your bet is not going to materialize and you have some cash out value. Therefore, if you have a bet on a soccer team, and they are losing and you think that they won’t be able to win, then certainly, cashing out might be the best option for you.

Also, there are times where your wager may be winning but there’s a small amount of time left in that match, with the opposing side constantly attacking. If you are worried that your bet may lose, you can go ahead and cash out to ensure that you are winning something as opposed to losing the entire bet.

You may also decide to cash out if you find that the value the bookmakers are offering you is sufficient. For example, if you had put £1 on an accumulator at 100/1 and your bookie is offering you a cash out of £70 with a single leg left to go, then it might be worth cashing out.

Decisions to do with cashing out or not go back to one of the main principles of sports betting which is having an idea of the sport that you are wagering on. If you place a bet on match in a tournament or league that you know nothing about, then you may not know the right time to cash out. To be on the safe side, you need to wager on a league with teams and players that you know.

The easiest way to know what’s happening with your bet is watching the event live, with many online bookies often showing some sporting events that broadcast television don’t show. That way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to whether you need to cash out or let your bet stand to the end of the match.

Reasons why cash out might be suspended

There are times when you may not to be able to cash out. At times cash out might be suspended for a while before its back. There are a few reasons as to why cash out are suspended at times. In most cases, though, cash out will be suspended when bookmakers are updating the odds of the market. It means that your cash out value is being re-worked out with the likelihood of your wager winning.

An example of a specific sporting event that may see your cash out facing suspension is something like a yellow card, a goal or substitution in a football match. You need to be aware that some bookies suspend the market, especially in the final few minutes of the match as they begin taking markets down with the match almost ending. At times, this can mean that cashing out is not available for stoppage.

Why is cash out unavailable?

There are times when cash out will be completely unavailable on your bet. In some markets, cash out won’t be available on, which may include bets such as the outright winners of tournaments or leagues. At times, it can also be the type of bet that lacks the cash out option, a good example being ante-post wagering in horse racing.

Advantages of Cash Out in Sports Betting

Cash out is to some extent a relatively new concept in the online sports betting world though it has been revolutionary nonetheless. It’s worth noting some advantages that come with cash out. The following are some of the advantages of cash out.

  • Faster access to a winning bet
  • Allows a bettor to minimize losses at a sports betting site
  • A huge variety of market means more odds and more options
  • Gives you a chance to place wagers as you see the matches unfold in front of your eyes
  • By cashing out, as a bettor, you can come back later to fight another day with some funds still left in your betting account
  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It reduces luck as a factor
  • Ideal for securing big profits

Disadvantages of Cash Out

While cash out has its own advantages, unfortunately, there are a few notable disadvantages that accompany cash out. The harsh reality is that even some of the best betting sites with cash out profit from the feature. Listed below are the disadvantages of cash out.

  • Some people argue that cash out takes the value of a bettor’s original bet with the original stake not returned as a consolation
  • Fluctuations in a player’s potential returns may differ widely between sports betting sites, markets and matches
  • As the chance of players’ bet winning become less likely, so do their potential returns cashback
  • Many sports betting sites with cash out have several bonuses and promotions. However, most of them exclude bets that players cashed out from promos.

Final Thoughts

Cash out can be a meaningful tool, especially in the hands of an experienced online sports betting enthusiast. Even though the cash out feature is a relatively new addition to the online sports betting landscape, nonetheless, it has turned out to become hugely popular with bookies and bettors alike. At times, events will go in your favor and you’ll cash out at the right time. But at times, they won’t and you may end up with a small loss. A few aspects about cash out tend to be certain –that’s part of the joy of this feature. What’s for sure, though, is that cash out seems to have brought changes to online sports betting and introduced a whole dynamic of sports betting that help bettors enjoy their passions more than ever before. Most importantly, though, remember to please gamble responsibly.


Why can’t I Cash Out?

The Cash Out function depends on whether the sportsbook allows it or not. If the bookmaker has the Cash Out option and it’s not active, it may be because the game has almost come to an end or has been disabled temporarily by the bookie.

How will I know a match has Cash Out enabled?

Most of the prominent leagues and events with high betting volume have Cash Out enabled. Less popular competitions have a chance of Cash Out being disabled.

How long will the money take to reflect in my account after I Cash Out?

The money will reflect immediately after you have hit the Cash Out button. If you don’t see it reflecting, refresh your browser.

Can I use my phone to Cash Out?

Yes, most sportsbooks that have mobile apps or allow cashing out from the phone.

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