Best betting sites in Ireland

The top-rated Irish bookmakers have made an effort to keep up with the changing times in the gambling world. These sites have successfully optimised their features and other services to be compatible with different devices, including mobile betting.

Irish top betting sites have, in the recent past, seen a huge growth prompting them to review their deals in terms of bonuses, odds, and promotions. This is why it is necessary to find the best wagering sites in Ireland. Irish players are always looking for the most excellent betting operators with the best features, terms and conditions.

It is noticeable that the Irish players are lovers of games, which therefore translates to the high rate of sports betting in the country. Although there exists land-based betting locations, the convenience of wagering online via your smartphone or laptop is unparalleled. Just like physical betting stations, betting online has the same thrill and instant pay that cannot be ignored.

Gambling in Ireland has been made to be as simple as placing bets via mobile browsers. New bettors always have a hard time learning how to wager online. One thing is for sure; they must research in this regard in order to avoid earning little winnings and losing heard earned money.

In this review, we will take a look at the details that gamblers need to check out whenever they are looking for the finest online sports gambling websites that include the way to spot secure and trustworthy sites. It is crucial that a player is guided on the basics of the betting options offered by sportsbooks and how to make successful deposits. Let's delve into these details to help you navigate these betting houses with much ease.

Top Bookmakers

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Founded: 2001
Official website: betonline
Site language: EN
Phone: 1-888-426-3661
Email: cs@betonline
Restricted countries: AU, AF, CF, CG, ER, FR, GW, IR, IQ, LB, LY, CZ, MT, KR, PA, SO, SS, SO, SD, YE


Deposit: 20 USD - 100 000 USD
Conclusion: 20 USD - 100 000 USD
Bookmaker`s commission: 0%
Account currency: USD, BTC
Payment systems: Visa, Bitcoin, Mastercard, Amex, Discover +5
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  • Min bet: Varies
  • Max bet: Varies
  • Margin
Football 5% Hockey 5.5% Tennis 4.6% Basketball 4.7%
Cybersport Yes Live betting Yes Live streaming No
Additional markets Casino, poker
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50% Up to $1,000
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Founded: 2002
Official website: sportsbetting
Licence: licensed and regulated by NT Government of Australia
Site language: EN
Phone: 1-888-843-9027
Email: support@sportsbetting
Restricted countries: FR, MT, PA, UK, AU


Deposit: 25 USD
Conclusion: 20 USD - 10,000 USD
Bookmaker`s commission: 0%
Account currency: USD, BTC
Payment systems: Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Ethereum +5
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Football - Hockey - Tennis - Basketball -
Cybersport No Live betting Yes Live streaming No
Additional markets Horse racing, dog racing

Tips for online wagering in Ireland

There are several vital elements that a player must consider when they want to start placing online bets. We understand that looking for a reputable betting site can be too much work; we will try to make it as simple as possible.

Researching is key

It is crucial always to research more about the team or sport you want to place a bet on. With this, you can tell the state of the game or team you wish to wager on. Researching helps you make informed decisions.

Wager only at safe and regulated sites

It is essential to do your punting at a site that has is secure; this way, you are sure that your data and information are safe. Make sure to check if the betting site is up to date in order to do away with concerns that arise with sportsbooks.

Do not settle for meagre odds

Different betting markets have different odds for the same games. There's no law barring them from setting varying odds. Thus, it is quite necessary to always look around for the leading betting sites with higher odds that could give high returns when you win

Manage your Bankroll

As a player, you have to be able to know how to manage your bankroll. You can do this by always setting aside a specific bankroll for your sports gambling. Also, learn how to allocate each sport its own bankroll. This gauges how you place bets so as to stop you from playing when your bankrolls are depleted. It also helps you be smart about your banking.

Ireland’s Popular Sports to wager

The sports gambling scene in Ireland can be correctly described as a very vibrant one. This is because it features both lotteries and local games such as Hurling and Gaelic football plus other international that include rugby, football, and horse racing. Here we will discuss the five sports that are highly popular in Ireland.

Gaelic Football gambling

This sport is specific to Ireland. Even though it draws lots of similarities to rugby and soccer, it is not a contractual ball sport. It is a game that needs lots of skills to master. That is why it is always offered in most sports betting shops in Ireland.

Hurling betting

Hurling sport is roughly 3500 years old. It has deep roots in Ireland, just like Gaelic football. Most people consider hurling as violent, but it’s still one of the most popular sports in the Irish gambling sites. These betting sites often have various markets on All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

Football gambling

Also known as soccer, this is a prevalent sport in Ireland, with the top division being the League of Ireland Premier division. The English Premier League (EPL) also has gained some love from the Irish people. Lots of Irish bettors often opt to wager on the different tiers in England. This is why there is no Irish remote gambling license that lacks football betting options.

Rugby gambling

While a majority of bettors enjoy betting in France and England, Ireland’s top domestic competition is The Pro 14. The best Irish sportsbooks will always offer various betting markets in rugby.

Horse racing

The Irish are also known to enjoy horse racing as a pastime sport. No wonder betting sites have decided to incorporate this type of sport into their betting markets. Wagering on horse racing is currently available on most of the best sportsbooks in Ireland.

Guide of identifying the best Irish betting sites

Knowing the best sportsbook to play betting in can be a very daunting task considering how the wagering industry has been flooded with several bookmakers. In this article, we aim to assist you in knowing what to look for when researching more about the best gambling sites. Here is a list of things to check out for;

Security and trust

Make sure only to play in the gambling sites that keep customers' information safe and secure. Stay away from the poorly encrypted sites that may put your sensitive data in jeopardy. A good bookmaker keeps your information away from the wrong hands by using the most recent SSL encryption software.


The best online bookmakers in Ireland should proud themselves of the live stream feature. This helps punters to be able to follow the sports they have wagered on as and when they take place

Responsive Customer Support

The best bookmakers always care about their clients; hence, they will always put in place a team of experts to handle customers’ problems with care. This team must be available 24/7 since there’s no telling when a customer might run into a problem. Dealing with these problems in a timely fashion makes a wagering site the best there is.

Favourable Terms and conditions

It is not a surprise much to see anyone overlooking the available terms and conditions. Such punters will always cry foul when the outcomes are not what they had expected. It is advisable that players remember to read the terms and conditions of a betting site in Ireland carefully to ensure they understand them. For example, Paddy Power’s available bonus offer only works with PayPal, Skrill or a credit card deposit coupled up with 30 days of free bets for new players.

Support for the Euro currency

All good Irish betting sites will support our currency. The best betting sites in Ireland will support this type of currency as well as other international currencies. This allows for gamblers, both within and out of Ireland, to be able to place wagers on the sites.

Very Competitive Odds

Since bookmakers are at liberty to set their own odds, a player should look for the sportsbook that offers the best odds. A higher value provided by specific wagering sites would translate into a higher winning in the end.

The other crucial elements to look out for when searching for the best sportsbooks in Ireland include; Promotions and bonuses, user experience, certification and legality of the sites, free bets, and much more. These are some of the thresholds that a bookmaker should have to fall under the best gambling sites.

The authenticity OF Irish sports wagering sites

Adapting to gambling online has always proven to be a daunting task for gamblers around the globe. Fraudulent betting sites are also flooding the gambling industry a lot. We are here to help you not to become a victim of fraud by showing you exactly how to identify the authenticity of sportsbooks before you sign up with them. This is to help you not to lose your cash. It would be best if you strived to check;

The duration of operation

The period of service helps you to know how the betting site handles its clients and if it is a trusted one. Such information can be found in the reviews section when researching. Newest betting sites are quite scary since there is little or no record of how they treat clients.

Is the sportsbook licensed?

It is essential that you make sure to find out if the bookie is legalised and regulated. Notably, quite a large number of independent bookies operating in Ireland are licensed and regulated by a governmental institution.

Top 3 Best Irish wagering sites


Betfair is one of the best sites in the world of gambling. It is a seamless site with in-play streaming and betting to give you the perfect experience whenever you would want to bet on your tablet or phone.

The site has fantastic daily promotions that come, which would mean that once in a while, you will end up with a win. When it comes to functionality, it's one of the fastest, most straightforward and most intuitive site in the sports betting industry with a difference.

888 Holdings

It is one of the largest betting sites in the world that can be best described as complete. With the massive connection of 888Bingo, 88Poker, casinos, and 888sports to serve several countries, 888 has an outstanding reputation in the wagering world, making it one of the best sites in Ireland. The bookie boasts of licensing in several countries, including Sweden, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Gibraltar, and Malta.

The site's sign up promotions and bonuses vary depending on your location, especially for 888 Sports.


It is undoubtedly the biggest betting site there is in the world. It belongs to the league of rollers with the likes of Betway. It has the most popular app in the world for all operating systems. The great site has a wide range of in-play and pre-match markets that is coupled up with live-streamed top sporting action.

The gambling experience in the site is second to none. This is why it is regarded as the number one site in the gambling industry.

The legality of Sports wagering in Ireland

Both online and offline sports wagering in Ireland is perfectly legal, provided the gambler is above 18 years of age. Letting an underage person indulge in betting is illegal and can prompt the government to apply fines or shutdown the betting site. The online gambling shops and other intermediaries that are licensed are free to provide services in Ireland under the betting amendment act of 2015, an extension of the 1931 betting act.

Ireland is known to be one of the countries with no limits in the sports wagering world because of these laws. Betting on popular sports such as greyhound and horse racing is perfectly legal in the country.

Online sports wagering in Ireland is very much legitimate if the site is licensed and regulated by the Ireland Gambling Commission. Irish punters should, however, remain vigilant of the betting sites that the commission cannot regulate. Irish laws also do no restrict bettors from playing at such websites, and only a few sites in Ireland use the pro-line betting options.


The top-rated Irish betting sites discussed here have always strived to offer reliable, top-notch, and secure wagering services. Even though Ireland is one of the few unrestricted countries when it comes to gambling, players in the country are known to be responsible gamblers. So should you! The reviewed Irish betting sites in this piece have been vetted fully and proven to be the most excellent bookies in the country. It is recommended that new gamblers do their live betting at the best Irish betting sites only

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