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Are you finding it a laborious exercise in finding the best bookies that have in place some of the best promotions and other betting offers such as risk-free bets? The fact remains that a majority of sports gambling platforms that are licensed to operate offer both free bets in attempt to retain old customers while also attracting new customers at the same time. But what exactly are these free bets? Here, we will make an attempt to explain to you nearly everything to do with free bets, its requirement(s), types, and why you should go through the terms and conditions applicable to free bets.

To be gamble aware, you’ll find that this section explains several different types of available free wagers in more detail. But in the most basic of terms, a free bet is explained as a wager that gets awarded to a customer due to a variety of reasons and this is a bet that can be placed without the client having to accrue losses. A majority of bookmakers have in place a free bet, mainly as bonuses for attracting and retaining customers, and also a part of their specials and promotion.

Different Categories of Free Bets

There are several types of free bets that players can claim from online gambling firms. One of the most common one that plenty of customers will find is a welcome or a sign-up bonus /free bet. These types of bonuses get awarded to bettors the moment they register their accounts with a certain betting platform and at times, a bonus code is necessary. Below are some different types of free bets.

Deposit in order to get free bets

Here, a player’s first deposit is matched to the same deposit value by a sportsbook of his or her own choice. For example, if a bettor makes a £30 first deposit, then he gets awarded with a £30 free bet.

Bet for free bets

This one works differently. To get to claim it, a player has to make a deposit, and then bet in order to activate the free bet bonus.

Special Promotions

These ones gets awarded to players who have been with a given betting platform for a long time. They are part of promotions and special that plenty of firms have in place.

Loyalty Free Bets

Plenty of bookies have the habit of advancing free bets to their customers, especially if a required wagering target gets met.

What you need to know about the No Deposit Free Bets

Just a few years back, there were no strict regulations on advertising and tax laws, meaning that punters were in a position to claim their free bets easily. A majority of gambling firms had in place the no deposit free bet promotions in an attempt to attract many clients to their betting site.

There was no need of an initial deposit for a player to claim his or her free bet. The only requirement needed was for a bettor to sign-up in order to claim the bet for free, making it favorite for every punter. However, this was not to last with many jurisdictions across the globe introducing strict advertising standards, an aspect that saw many online betting platforms doing away with such an offer.

Are ‘Free Bets’ actually Free?

Is there anything that actual and more so potential bettors need to be aware of when it comes to free bets? To say the least, there’s more to free bets promotions than what meets the eye. Regardless of whether you are betting on tcs, football, rugby or tennis among others, the first thing that you may have to do before you stake is carefully go through their terms and conditions. Here, wagering, turnover, and odds restriction could apply, especially upon registration.

Plenty of bookies have in place turnover requirements as a means of ensuring that customers do not take advantage of sign-up free bet offers and other promotions. For instance, to conduct a bonus withdraw, some companies will require players to turn over free bets value in the account before making partial or maximum withdrawals.

Others are odds restrictions and wagering requirements. For example, players using betting sites such as William Hill and Betfred must first use their sign-up bets offered for free on wagers on betting odds of ½ or more.

Are the Entire Free Bets Sign-Up Offers/Bonuses?

By far, sign-up bonuses or promotions that betting platforms are fond of awarding their customers are some of the most regular source that you can find a free bet. But bettors need to be ware that not the entire free bets make it to the list of bonus promotional offers, especially for new customers. There are plenty of reasons as to why a majority of betting platforms have free bets.

Again, not all free bets are actually free. For risk-free betting, you need to read the terms and conditions of any free qualifying bet. For instance, you may find that your free bonus will expire or fail to be valid anymore, especially if you don’t use it after a given time.

Characteristics of a Free Bet Offer

So, what are the characteristics of a free bet offer? To be on the safe side, if you find that a free bet that’s on offer has got in place few conditions, then better it for you as a punter. For instance, is real money bets accompanied by many terms and conditions to become a qualifying bet? Or does your first deposit automatically reward you with a max free bet?

Some offers that would allow you to bet for free often consider a large amount of the activities of your account, the types of events you wager on, payment options used such as Paypal, Skrill, or wire transfer, and minimum odds that one need to place a bet on.

To make everything simple for you, any available free bet on offer has to offer you maximum returns whether you are betting on in-play events or other upcoming games such as soccer, tennis, and tcs, among others. The minimum deposit that you have to make to be awarded a free bet welcome bonus should be too overwhelming. Minimal wagering requirements and turnover are some of the characteristics of a good free bet. Also, if a free bet expires within the shortest time possible, you better head somewhere else.

Betting Platforms with Attractive Free Bets

Some sportsbooks are highly renowned around the globe for rewarding its existing customers with free bets through specials and promotions. Some of them have cashout options in place while others reward their customers for being loyal with free bets. Looking around, you’ll realize that one of the most common promotion relied upon by many bookies is where a player is awarded a free bet, especially if another accumulator fails them.

Other betting firms run a loyalty reward scheme that gets to reward its customers with free bets, especially if they get to meet a certain wagering requirement over a certain period of time. Therefore, players need to be aware that free bets are not just meant for new clients as there are plenty of betting companies currently in operation with free bets that existing customers can take full advantage of. The following are some of the best online gambling platforms with hard-to-resist free odds.


It only applies to new customers and a qualifying bet is a real money stake of £10. The free bet will expire after 7 days of not using it.


This one is meant for customers who are 18 years of age and above. The minimu deposit is £10, and only one bonus can be used at a time.


This one only accepts new players who have to wager on odds of 1.75 or higher to qualify to bet for free.


Paddypower awards free odds only to new customers. However, clients need to open their accounts using a promo code, and if a qualifying bet gets settled as a lose, Paddy power refunds the stake in cash.


This is another betting platform known for its attractive free bets that customers get to enjoy on a regular basis. But players need to be ware that if they fail to take advantage of their free bets within a period of 7 days, then it will not be valid after that.


While this one does not include other funding options such as Skrill and PayPal, it’s one of those betting platforms with some of the best free odds in the market. There are a few terms and conditions that have to be met by a player, before using a free bets offered to them. Luckily enough, the terms and conditions stipulated here aren’t too difficult to understand.


There are plenty of questions that actual and potential players ask, especially when it comes to betting for free. A majority of betting platforms currently in business are asked such questions by their customers. While there are plenty of questions to do with free bets, the following are some of the major ones:

What’s the working principle of Free Bets?

They work in plenty of ways, though it all depends on the betting site used. There are those that consider certain levels of wagering for one to bet for free. As always, it’s important to go through the terms and conditions first.

How do I go about getting a free bet?

A common means of achieving this end is by registering and opening a betting account with your chosen bookmaker. Here, chances are that you’ll be offered free bet(s) to use. Some firms reward their clients for being loyal while others do so as a promotional offer.

Can I withdraw winnings on Free Bets?

Again, it all depends on the betting site that you are using. Some will require you to meet certain thresholds before making any sort of withdrawals on your winnings. Again, it is safe to check existing terms and conditions first.

Unless otherwise, nobody would decline a generous offer for free. Can you? Betting sites, in a bid to ensure that they remain relevant while attracting more and more customers will have several specials and promotions in place. Among some of the most basis ones are free bets. Here, customers get to bet for free, but after meeting certain requirements. As you have seen above, there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to free bets. For a pleasant betting experience using free bets, it would be wise if you get to understand existing terms and conditions and other unknown facts concerning them. We hope that this article has been of great help to you.

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