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Tennis Betting

On this page, we look at some of the best tennis matches and tournaments that you can bet on. We go deeper and see whether it’s safe to wager on tennis, and how much you stand to earn from wagering on tennis. From this article, you’ll learn some of the best tennis matches and tournaments with some of the best odds. We look at top tennis matches and tournaments where you stand to win big.

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Tennis Betting Odds

With many players and slightly over one billion followers around the world, tennis remains the most popular and widely known individual sport of all time. With its season running almost all year round, tennis has an impressive range of tournaments that offers betting fans with plenty of opportunities to earn cash.

Based on the rising popularity of tennis, wagering on it seem to have exponentially increased in the recent years. In a bid to stay competitive, bookies are now offering some of the best tennis betting odds on almost every other available tennis market.

What matches can you bet on?

When it comes to wagering on tennis, the first thing that you need to consider is the number of games available, or the events coverage. Does the bookmaker that you are about to register with offer an extensive coverage of tennis events? Plenty of tennis matches and tournaments are available for you to wager on, especially if betting on tennis appeals to you.

Before wagering on tennis, you need to find an online bookmaker that’s highly reliable, secure, and highly suitable for wagering on tennis matches and tournaments. That way, you will be able to bet on tennis events from almost every other league or tournament. Plenty of best tennis betting matches to wager on in tennis are available, starting from the ones below:

Grand Slam

Also referred to as majors, the Grand Slam tournaments are the globe’s 4 most important professional tennis events that take place annually. The Grand Slam offer the highest prize money, the most ranking points, media and public attention, and one of the greatest strength and the size of field, along with longest matches for men.

The Grand Slam is one of those tennis-betting events that attract millions of tennis bettors. Grand Slam betting features odds on head-to-head markets on the players in a single match in addition to a host of other exotic tennis betting markets such as set betting, first player to serve, second set winner, first set odds, whether there will be a tiebreak, and total sets.

Other popular odds that you can wager on here include outright winner’s markets open to the Women and Men’s Singles for each of the four tournaments.

Australian Open

The Australian Open has a special place in the hearts of tennis fans since it’s the first Grand Slam of the every year. With Christmas and New Year celebrations over for many people around the globe, mostly, the Australian Open does offer some glimmer of light in the sporting calendar. The same is true for those who wager on the Australian Open.

From the perspective of tennis betting, the Australian Open is one of those toughest competitions to predict since the participants have so little in the way of current form to bring to the tournament. But again, this presents a good opportunity for those looking to make a profit here. For instance, wagering on the finalists can be lucrative, especially when it comes to the women’s singles.

For bettors who miss Grand Slam Tennis betting, the Australian Open event is a dream come true as there are massive choice of bet types, in-play betting options, and excellent betting odds that bettors can find here.

French Open

Just like Wimbledon, the French Open is one of the 4 Grand Slam tennis tournament events that’s enough to tempt tennis bettors. Undoubtedly, the French Open is one of the best tennis tournaments in women’s and men’s tennis that takes places in the French capital of Paris.

The French Open is another tennis event that opens up plenty of betting opportunities for players who may never wager on lower ranked WTA and ATP tour events. The French Open presents an impressive choice of markets for bettors. Bettors can wager on quarter winner, tournament winner, stage of elimination, the finalist, first set winner, match winner, and total sets, to mention but a few.

Live streaming on the French Open is mostly available at some of the best online betting sites, making it one of the easiest to follow, especially for betting purposes. With the involvement of all the top players, in-play betting, and a huge choice of betting markets, the French Open is another tennis event worth trying out as a bettor. 


Without a doubt, Wimbledon is the most popular and prestigious tennis tournament. It’s one of the four Grand Slams and the third Grand Slam tennis tournament to be take place each year. Among other things, something that makes Wimbledon somewhat different is the grass court playing surface and that players still have to put on predominantly white.

For tennis bettors, the Wimbledon is another opportunity for them to enjoy plenty of betting markets. For instance, you don’t only have betting markets for which player is going to emerge the winner of the tournament but also for the player that’s going to emerge victorious in their quarter and stage elimination for major contenders.

Apart from that, there’s a wealth of other betting opportunities such as Total Game Points, Total Games, 1st Point Winner, Game Winner, Set Betting, and Next Break of Serve, to mention but a few. With the coverage of Wimbledon being extensive, it makes it easy to follow, especially when it comes to wagering on it.

US Open

Of all the four Grand Slams, the US Open is the final tennis tournament of the year. It takes place on a hard court surface that’s similar to the one used at the Australian Open. Being the last Grand Slam of the year, this event offers bettors the last chance for them to win bets that they place for that season. With that, you’ll find plenty of scenarios and extra betting opportunities.

It could be that a bettor requires this Grand Slam to have the full set complete, or looking to win the entire Grand Slam titles. Whatever it may be, you’ll find plenty of online bookies coming up with odds for some special outcomes that rely on the results at the US Open. Bettors can expect to find plenty of betting options just like the other Grand Slam events.

The Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is an international event where players get to represent their countries. Matches take place throughout the year, with the winners proceeding to participate in the finals. The Davis Cup mostly draws large and noisy crowds who get an opportunity to cheer on their favorite players. The Davis Cup is a good opportunity for bettors due to several reasons. Top players don’t always turn up for this event, and you can find good odds on which player you think will proceed to the next round. There are many angles to take when wagering on the Davis Cup.

The Billie Jean King Cup

We saved the best for last, and that’s the Billie Jean King Cup. The Billie Jean King Cup is the premier international tennis competition for women. Launched in 1963 as the Federation Cup, this event celebrates the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation. For bettors, this is another tennis-betting event worth wagering based on plenty of reasons. Major bookies offer some of the best odds on this event, along with several betting market for bettors. Here, players can engage in Tournament Winner, Set Betting, In-Play Betting, and Tennis Accumulators, to mention but a few.

Is it safe to bet on tennis?

Is it safe to bet on tennis? The answer to this question is that it depends on the tennis betting sites that you are wagering with when doing so. Using an established and licensed online betting site is undoubtedly a safer way to wager on tennis. If you bet on tennis matches at unlicensed and unregistered bookies, you’ll have yourself to blame should they disappear with your winnings. But most of the time, it’s safe to wager on tennis since most of the bookmakers in business have a license to conduct business.

How much can you earn in tennis betting?

How much you can earn when wagering in tennis mostly depends on the market that you choose. If you choose a player who’ll most like win the match –especially in a situation that involves the favorite and the underdog-, you may not realize huge winnings as such. You need to choose markets that come with high odds such as Correct Score, Over and Under totals, or Set Winner, to mention but a few. While risky or rather hard to predict, these markets carry high odds that can highly improve your chances of making money. Therefore, what you stand to earn from tennis betting depends upon your preferences when wagering here. If you prefer low-risk markets, your earnings will also be on the lower side and vice versa.

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