Ice Hockey Betting

Hockey betting, whether ice hockey betting or traditional wagering on hockey makes one of the most captivating games on the planet. The physical faced-paced play, especially when you bet on NHL presents a massive menu of odds along with the added advantage of wagering on the Stanley Cup final, giving you plenty of opportunities to make some quick bucks off the pucks. In this article, we will be looking at what hockey matches are good to bet on, whether it’s safe to bet on hockey, and how much you can earn in hockey betting.

Ice hockey Bets and Odds


00:00 1 December PHI Flyers PHI Flyers NY Islanders NY Islanders
00:05 1 December NJ Devils NJ Devils SJ Sharks SJ Sharks
00:07 1 December BOS Bruins BOS Bruins DET Red Wings DET Red Wings
00:08 1 December FLA Panthers FLA Panthers WAS Capitals WAS Capitals
01:08 1 December NAS Predators NAS Predators CLB Blue Jackets CLB Blue Jackets
01:08 1 December STL Blues STL Blues TB Lightning TB Lightning
01:08 1 December MIN Wild MIN Wild ARZ Coyotes ARZ Coyotes
01:38 1 December DAL Stars DAL Stars CAR Hurricanes CAR Hurricanes
03:38 1 December LA Kings LA Kings ANA Ducks ANA Ducks
00:00 2 December NY Rangers NY Rangers PHI Flyers PHI Flyers
00:30 2 December TOR Maple Leafs TOR Maple Leafs COL Avalanche COL Avalanche
00:30 2 December OTT Senators OTT Senators VAN Canucks VAN Canucks
00:30 2 December DET Red Wings DET Red Wings SEA Kraken SEA Kraken
03:00 2 December EDM Oilers EDM Oilers PIT Penguins PIT Penguins
03:00 2 December ANA Ducks ANA Ducks VGS Golden Knights VGS Golden Knights
00:00 3 December FLA Panthers FLA Panthers BUF Sabres BUF Sabres
00:00 3 December MON Canadiens MON Canadiens COL Avalanche COL Avalanche
00:00 3 December TB Lightning TB Lightning STL Blues STL Blues
00:00 3 December WAS Capitals WAS Capitals CHI Blackhawks CHI Blackhawks
00:00 3 December CAR Hurricanes CAR Hurricanes OTT Senators OTT Senators
00:30 3 December NY Islanders NY Islanders SJ Sharks SJ Sharks
01:00 3 December NAS Predators NAS Predators BOS Bruins BOS Bruins
01:00 3 December MIN Wild MIN Wild NJ Devils NJ Devils
01:30 3 December DAL Stars DAL Stars CLB Blue Jackets CLB Blue Jackets
03:30 3 December LA Kings LA Kings CAL Flames CAL Flames
00:00 4 December NY Rangers NY Rangers SJ Sharks SJ Sharks
01:00 4 December WIN Jets WIN Jets NJ Devils NJ Devils
02:30 4 December ARZ Coyotes ARZ Coyotes VGS Golden Knights VGS Golden Knights
03:00 4 December SEA Kraken SEA Kraken EDM Oilers EDM Oilers
03:00 4 December ANA Ducks ANA Ducks CAL Flames CAL Flames
18:00 4 December FLA Panthers FLA Panthers STL Blues STL Blues
00:00 5 December WAS Capitals WAS Capitals CLB Blue Jackets CLB Blue Jackets

What matches can you bet on?

When it comes to wagering on hockey, you can bet on virtually any match that your bookie offers. If you fancy the NHL, you can bet on a time that you like such as the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lighting, the Detroit Red Wings or the Philadelphia Flyers. The choice is upon you. However, for the best odds, you may want to wager bet on ice hockey and the following matches.

Winter Olympics

Ice hockey tournaments have been staged at the Olympic Games since 1920. If you so wish, you can wager on men’s or women tournaments. It’s another hockey event where you can expect to find enticing odds.

World Championships

Besides the Winter Olympics, you can also wager on the World Championships, while expecting to find the best betting odds. Organized by the International Hockey Federation, you can expect excellent hockey bet types such the Puck Line, the Moneyline, the number of goals, a wager on who will win the game, and goals scored, among others at some of the most competitive odds.

Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

The Kontinental Hockey League is the Russian version of the NHL. It’s an international professional ice hockey where you can wager on at some of the best odds too. 28 teams battle out for the trophy and you can expect good odds.

American Hockey League (AHL)

Do you fancy wagering on the American Hockey League? The AHL is slightly superior to the NHL’s teams, meaning that you can find high odds when wagering on this league. Some of the top teams that take place in the AHL include Toronto Marlies and Charlotte Checkers.

Swedish Hockey League (SHL)

Founded in 1975, the SHL is another hockey event that has high odds. It’s the highest level of men’s ice hockey in Sweden, and the second-most watched sporting event in Sweden. Expect good odds when wagering on the SHL too.

NCAA Ice Hockey Championship

NCAA is college hockey. For some of the best betting odds, you may also want to wager, especially on Men’s Ice Hockey National Championships. Lately, bookies are offering attractive odds on NCAA Ice Hockey Championship games.

Is it safe to bet on hockey?

It’s completely safe to bet on hockey as long as you are doing so at a licensed and regulated bookmaker. If you sign up with unlicensed bookies, you have yourself to blame should they disappear with your winnings or share your information with unauthorized persons.

How much can you earn in hockey betting?

Hockey is played in many locations around the world. Many bettors earn good money from hockey betting. However, how much you stand to earn depends on you and the available odds. However, you can earn more if you are self-disciplined and have a good bankroll. Some types of bets have high odds and if you stake high, then it means that you can earn more. However, most of them tend to be risky when you bet on hockey.

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