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Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Author: Yan Zhylinski

Horse racing is one of those wagering markets where bettors have gone to great lengths in a bid to develop strategies aimed at getting the better of the bookmaker. For years, a great number of books have been written and articles published on the matters revolving around horse racing betting strategies, along with ways of maximizing profits while minimizing risks.

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Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Without a doubt, wagering on the horse racing remains one of the most popular sports betting past-times in plenty of countries across the globe. Even individuals that practically don’t wager on sporting events have been known to have a flutter in the Ascot, or head off to the Grand National and have a go. Horse racing is one of those sporting events that attract all sorts of players, from novices to the best and biggest sports bettors in the market.

Regardless of whether you are a high roller with the intention of staking thousands on horse racing events or just a casual bettor speculating on a major horse race such as the Cheltenham Festival, the online arena certainly has something for you. Unfortunately, if you aren’t aware how you are going to ante-up, sadly, your chances of success are highly slim.

Do you intend at making some funds when it comes to horse racing? If your intention is to give yourself the best shot at realizing some funds in the horse racing market, then to say the least, a solid betting system is necessary. While some may argue that horse racing betting systems are more of a myth, examined closely, this isn’t true. Examined closely, many bettors have used these strategies, some even going ahead to realize big winnings.

The problem that betting systems mostly have is that individuals wrongly believe that there are magical sure-fire ways of making money. In reality, though, these “systems” are nothing more than just techniques aimed at picking out value in the market. Should you proceed to peel back the layers and blow through the bluster, then any available horse racing system is an excellent way to effectively guide your selections, especially when you want to ante-up.

There are all sorts of horse racing betting systems and strategies. How to approach wagering on the sport of Kings requires some betting systems and strategies. When used in the right way, these systems and strategies can help increase players’ profits over time. Horse racing betting requires some sort of systems and strategies. With that in mind, we’ve broken down some of the most important factors when it comes to horse racing betting. Here, we will take you through the basics and show you some important factors you need to note when it comes to betting on horses.

How to choose a strategy for a beginner

The world of horse racing can be complicated and perplexing, especially to the outside looking in. For bettors who are in the dark on how to begin wagering on horses, some of the most commonly used terminologies and phrases may appear very alien, if not confusing. At this point, we will try to explain exactly how things work in the world of horse racing. For those of you who are looking to wager on horse racing for the first time with the hope of making some money, you may want to stick here slightly longer.

Are you a beginner when it comes to wagering on horse racing? How then do you go about choosing a winning horse racing strategy? Don’t worry, as we are to help you. First, you need to conduct a thorough research. One of the most important rules when it comes to horse betting is research. Make sure to read the latest betting guides, horses with the best track record, and the weather conditions, to mention but a few. The more knowledge you have with you, the more informed your bets will be.

Next, you need to spread your bets as a beginner in the world of horse racing betting. One sure-fire way to ensure that you win almost nothing is to wager your entire betting funds on one horse, hoping for the best. To be safe, you may want to spread your wagers across several horses taking part in a race to maximize your chances of bagging a winner. Apart from wagering on the winner, many operators allow you to wager on different kinds of bets such as wagering on which horse won’t make it to the finish line. As a novice here, spread betting on horse is another betting strategy you need to choose.

You need to ensure that you shop around for the best odds possible too. As a beginner in the world of horse racing betting, you need to understand that not all odds are the same. Choosing a winning strategy requires you to shop around and select operators that offer the best horse racing odds possible. Different bookies offer different odds depending on their own opinions and research. The odds that you choose will definitely have some significant effect on your winnings. As a beginner, figure out the type of bets you wish to place and then select a bookie that offers some of the most favorable odds around.

As a beginner in horse racing betting, it’s important to understand some of the most popular horse racing bet types. Just like any other sport with their own bet types, horse racing is equally the same. When you are beginning here, you may come across terms such as Lucky 15, Trixie, Patent, and Tote Placepot, to mention but a few. What do all these terminologies mean? You need to have a clear understanding of the common bet types that exist at horse racing, before immersing yourself here and begin wagering on such events. 

Lastly, there one common mistake that you need to avoid when wagering on horse racing, especially if you are a beginner. Many sports bettors like to back the favorite, with most of them wagering with their hearts and not their minds. As a beginner, following the market and going ahead to back the favorites blindly may turn out to be a costly mistake. You need to be selective in some way. Don’t let the weight of the funds cloud your judgment. Don’t chase loses and turn out to be an action junkie.

That’s not all. When it comes to horse racing betting, you need to consider a few other equally important factors. Ignoring these factors may negatively influence your chances of winning. You need to know the following:

Jockey Experience is Important

Jockey is Important

Does it really matter which jockey is riding which horse in a horse racing event? Mostly, yes. Jockey experience is important when it comes to horse racing. While some believe that even the best jockey can’t do much when riding a lousy horse, examined closely, that may not be true. Some of the best jockeys understand an animal’s strength and weaknesses, and may help it improve on a racetrack or even win the race.

When racing, some horses prefer to hang back, only to break at the last minute, while there are some, also known as speed horses prefer being out front all the time. Still, some horses prefer running in close quarters, and can easily pass along the rail on the left, while some require more space and can pass on the right.

An experienced jockey is the one who considers all the above factors while adjusting his strategies strategically. A jockey can decide the entire race, and an apt example of such was Borel’s Derby win. Borel understood that the horse he was riding (Mine That Bird) liked to hang back, staying behind for the most part of the race, only to rocket ahead of others in the last three-eighths of a mile.

Borel was an experienced jockey who understood much about horses, meaning that jockey experience is highly important. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a good horse go at the back at the beginning of a race and fail to have no kick at all at the end when its entire form indicates that the horse has never been able to do that.

Each horse has its own likes and dislikes. Some of them can kick strong, while others prefer to be ridden out hard while holding on to the line. Experienced jockeys understand such differences in the horse that they get to ride, along with the other contenders taking part in the race.

Some of the most experienced jockeys are those that can relate to the horses well – they understand how to keep a horse calm, especially in tense race situations. Therefore, when you are about to wager on your favorite horse, you may want to factor in the experience of the jockey. An experienced jockey may win you the race, even on a horse that you thought wouldn’t win or finish inside a certain number.

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Track Conditions Matter a Lot


Besides jockey experience, the conditions of the track matter a lot too. If you’ve ever managed to watch some horse racing before, you’ll notice that not all tracks are made in the same manner. Some certain contestants tend to do exceptionally better at different tracks. In horse racing, not only do we have varying lengths of races, but also different surfaces to run on including, turf, dirt, and synthetic.

Among other things such as the prevailing weather conditions or the experience of the jockey, you need to pay attention to the conditions of the track. In fact, you should be fully prepared if such conditions change. If the tracks happens to be muddy, without a doubt, it’s going to have a major effect on the performance of the horses. If humidity even changes slightly, the ground will be slightly saturated, something that will have a huge effect on the horses.

As mentioned earlier, some horses run well in certain tracks but perform poorly in others. You many find a horse finishing in the first place when running on dirt track, but give a dismal performance when made to run on a synthetic surface. Before you place your wager on a horse of your choice, again, you may need to do a little bit of research here. Look at the conditions of the track. Does the horse that you are about to wager on is used to it? If not, then you may end up losing your bet easily.

Unfortunately, plenty of bettors, especially those who are beginning their journey on horse racing ignore track conditions. It gets even worse at times. If the horse is expected to win the race, it becomes even difficult to get accurate and reliable conditions from the program. An almost perfect way to evaluate is to carefully watch the races you are handicapping. If you wager on the same track, you can begin diversifying.

We’ve seen some horses running well in mud, others in the grass, while other do well on dry ground. Some tend to do better when it’s sunny. So before you place your horse racing bets, you need to consider the track conditions, along with the potential track conditions. Try to find information at how each horse has performed in certain track conditions in the past and then weigh this into your horse racing predictions.

Each Way Betting

As we mentioned before, horse racing has some terminologies that may seem somewhat confusing. This is especially true if you are new to the world of horse racing betting. One such term is Each Way Betting. Each Way Betting is another strategy that horse racing bettors all over use in a bid to beat the bookies and rake some winnings.

So, what is an each way strategy or style of betting when it comes to horse racing? An Each Way (E/W, EW) wager is essentially 2 separate bets: one wager for the horse to emerge victorious, and the other one for the horse to place in any of the place positions that you find offered in that race. It therefore means that as a bettor, you can receive a return on your wager if your selection wins and if it only places. It’s more of place betting.

Each way is another winning strategy that plenty of horse racing bettors all over the globe use lately. When placing an each way wager, you need to stake your amount on both the win and on the place. Therefore, if you wager £5 each way, it means that you’ll be placing £5 on the win and another £5 on the place, £10 in total.

But how do you make an each way bet? To make an each way bet, you need to be aware of three important factors as briefly discussed below:

  • Odds – These are odds for the win section of your each-way bet and determine the odds for the place part of your each way wager.
  • Each way places – Each way places tell you the exact positions of your selections need to finish so that your place bet wins. Of importance to note is that places on offer can differ.
  • Each way fractions – The odds that you see or find on the place part of your each way bet are a fraction of the win odds. It’s because your selection has a higher chance of placing as opposed to winning.

Once you are fully aware of the above factors, you can proceed, tick the each way box on the betslip, and place your each way bet. You need to remember that your stake will be doubled for every each way bet that you place.

The number of places that will be paid out for your each way bets is at the discretion of your bookmaker. When wagering in horse racing, a generally well-known and recognized number of each way places is offered mostly based on the size of the field in the race.

Each way bet is a good winning strategy when it comes to wagering on horse racing. We always advise bettors to make effort and shop around for the best possible each way terms, especially when it comes to high profile horse racing events such as the Grand National or the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Here, the bookies try to outdo each other, something that ends up benefitting the player.

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The Dutching System

What if there was a way to wager on the horses at an online sportsbook and guarantee equal payout regardless of which horse you choose to wager on? Well this is the promise that comes with the Dutching System. The Dutching System is a popular horse racing method primarily common for wagering on horse races in the United Kingdom.

So, what exactly is the Dutching System, and how does it work? In this type of horse racing betting, a bettor places a bet on several horses taking part in a single race. Here, the bet is structured in a manner that the bettor stands to make a profit, regardless of which of their selection wins. It’s a type of betting mostly used in combination with other horse race wagering such as lay betting, hedging, and arbitrage betting.

The horses that a bettor chooses to bet on won’t have the same odds. They’ll all be different. Now, the player has to decide how much money s/he needs to be on each horse to realize some substantial profit. The Dutching System is more of a mathematical system of wagering that has the ability to yield handsome returns, but when done in the right way. Of importance to note, though, is that if any of the selections isn’t a success, then a bettor loses the entire investment.

With the Dutching System, it can be quite challenging to make appropriate calculations for the player, and without a doubt, the Dutching System is one of those online race betting that comes with a huge amount of risk. It comes with a huge risk that the average horse racing bettor may not be in a position to bear. Some argue that the Dutching System is a reserve for the rich.

As a horse racing bettor, though, the Dutching System is a good horse racing betting strategy that you may want to consider at some point. Here, you stand a chance of winning and profiting from one of your selected outcome winning.

Multiple horse betting

Something that a majority of novice horse racing bettors seem to be unaware is that you can place bets on multiple horses taking place in the same racing event. In fact, you can do so, and still make a profit as long as either of those horse go on to win.

Multiple betting is another popular horse racing bet type and you stand a chance of getting some good returns for only a small initial outlay. For example, if you fancy 2 or 3 horse meeting at a racetrack and then back all of them for a win, then without a doubt, this is the simplest way to go. But what happens if they all win? For some big returns, you are better off combining your selections with a multibet.

Multiple bets gives you the freedom to select a combination of two, three or even more single bets and combine them to boost your returns. The payout that you receive in the end is achieved by multiplying together the odds of each of a player’s selections. Multiple betting comes in two different forms: single and exotic.

In a Single Multiple, the entire selections need to win for it to be successful. Here, the maximum number of selections that a bettor can choose within a single multiple is limited to 16. On the other hand, Exotic Multiple betting comes with the guarantee of a Jackpot Return if a bettor hits the mark with his selections and gets to achieve 100% winners. It also comes with the benefit of a payout if just 2 of the selections happen to win.

Multiple betting is a good choice and a one of the best betting strategies, especially since it can win you some large sums of money for a very small outlay. Multiple betting tends to be highly exciting, especially when your first couple of selections go up, and your remaining wagers can manage to win.

Published: 08/27/2021

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