Betting Sites with Cash-out in Kenya

Multi-bets triumph among the sports betting enthusiasts, following the increased payouts they offer. In a situation where you are uncertain about the outcome of your bets, cash-out will have your back. It is a feature that allows you to request an early payout before your multi-bet is settled. This article reveals the Kenyan bookies that offer players the golden chance to cash-out their bets.

Recommended bookies with Cash-out:

Yan Zhylinski
Yan Zhylinski
Betting Sites with Cash-out in Kenya

Top 10 Best Cash-out Betting Sites in Kenya

Cash-out reduces the potential risk of losing your entire stake alternatively it can be used to lock in profits on running bets. Here are the top five Kenyan betting sites that are worth joining:

  1. 22Bet Kenya
  2. Betway Kenya
  3. Betwinner Kenya
  4. Melbet Kenya
  5. 1xBet Kenya



When placing a multi-bet, you can never guarantee thoroughness. A wrongly predicted game is prone to mess up your entire bet slip. 22Bet understands this and is among the betting apps with cash-out features for its Kenyan customers. Here, you can withdraw full or part of your stake amount before the beginning of a match. The cash-out amount is deposited into your account instantly.



Betway offers its players a chance to take control and govern their bets. The bookmaker’s cash-out process is easy and instant, regardless of whether you use the mobile app or online platform. All you need is to monitor your bets closely and examine whether the cash-out option is available. At Betway, you can cash out fully or partially.

The partial option allows you to take a proportion of your cash-out offer and keep the rest as the stake amount for the bet. Betway does not have a discrepancy with which customers are entitled to cash-out offers. Both new and existing players qualify for the offer.



Betwinner aims to offer its players every possible leverage they need to succeed in betting. The operator’s cash-out process is seamless and friendly to novice and experienced bettors. If you wish to minimize possible losses on a bet that goes south, you can do so by taking advantage of the available cash-out offers. Based on the chances of winning your bet, you can decide to cash-out fully or partially.



Besides the usual options of a bet slip, Melbet offers cash-out option that allows players to request early payouts on their active bets. It acts as a rescue mission when you feel that your bets are going against your expectations. Cashing out on this platform is seamless and is available in the pre-event and live betting section.



1xBet has an impressive cash-out offer due to its high odds, especially on major markets. As a bettor, it is crucial to dispense the notion of recording losses throughout. When you closely monitor your bets at 1xbet, you will get a chance to identify the available cash-out offers. You can cash-out fully or partially in the pre-match and live section and receive your money instantly in your wallet. This offer is available to all 1xBet customers.

The table below will help you understand the available cash-out options in out to Kenyan betting sites.

Betting Site Full Cash-out Partial Cash-out Available Cash-out Markets
22Bet >40
1xBet >40
Betway >45
Betwinner >35
Melbet >30
888sport >50
Betika >40
Odibets >25
Unibet >30
Bet365 >65

Important Cash-out Terms to Know

Here is a brief explanation of some of the important cash-out terms.

Full Cash-out

Full cash-out is when a player requests to cash-out their stake completely. When you execute full cash-out, you end your bets regardless of whether they were on the winning or losing side.

Partial Cash-out

Partial cash-out is an innovative feature that allows you to cash-out only a fraction of your bets. For instance, if your stake is Ksh.2000 and you want to keep your bet going, you can cash-out Ksh.1000 and leave Ksh.1000 to run the bet.

Auto Cash-out

If you do not want to monitor your bets, you can use the auto cash-out offered by your bookmaker. The feature allows you to choose criteria under which the system automatically cashes out your bets. With this feature, you do not need to be logged in to your account to execute cash-out.


Stop-loss is a type of cash-out used in spread betting. In spread bets, you win more when you are right and lose more when you are wrong. You can set “Stop Loss” on your account to avoid heavy losses. Take an example of a stop loss if Arsenal wins 1-0. You will not lose more than a 1-0 Arsenal win, even if the game ends at 10-0.

How to Cash-out

The cashing out process is straightforward. If you can place a bet, then you can cash-out one. If you are not familiar with cash-out, we will take you through the process in Betika, one of our top-rated betting sites in Kenya.

How to Cash-out at Betika

To become eligible for cash-out offers at Betika, you must begin by placing a bet in the normal way. It is easy; head on to the sports section and select your favorite events. They will be added to your bet slip at the top right. Confirm you have made the right selections and hit the “Place Bet” button to complete the process. After successfully placing a bet, you can follow these steps if you need to cash-out.

  1. Go to your bet slip and view your current active bets
  2. You will see a cash-out filter. Click on it to see if there are any cash-out offersavailable
  3. For any bet that is available for cash-out, you will see a yellow button
  4. Hit the yellow button for the bet you wish to cash-out
  5. A small window will appear indicating the amount you will receive by cashing out
  6. Should you wish to proceed, hit the confirmation button to complete the process.
  7. Your cashed-out winnings will be credited to your account within a few seconds.

How to Succeed in Sports Betting with Cash-out: Expert Tips

In sports betting, there is no guaranteed strategy for success. However, if you are dedicated, you can increase your chance of becoming a successful bettor with cash-out. Here are our expert tips for cashing out.

  • Be confident: Kenyan bookmakers with the cash-out offer want you to cash-out your bets. By doing so, you are saving them the amount they would pay if the bets were successful. While it’s tempting to cash-out every bet, always remember that waiting to the end would give you higher returns. Be confident that your bets will be winners.
  • Use the available information: information is power with all betting strategies. You must have full facts at your disposal to make informed decisions. It is also crucial to understand the risks of cashing out your bets and not doing so. Be sure to understand the events you are betting on through statistics and experts’ analysis.

Remain positive: Cashing out a bet that turns out to be a winner can be frustrating. Keep in mind that cash-out bets that generate returns are winners and are better than losing bets. Avoid concentrating on the amount you would have won and move on.

Patrick Mayoyo
Patrick Mayoyo


How is cash-out calculated?

Betting sites calculate cash-out using the potential winnings and the current odds you would get if you placed your bet now.

Can free bets be cashed out?

Most betting sites do not allow players to cash-out free bets or wagers placed with a bonus.

Can I cash-out an accumulator bet?

Yes. It is possible to cash-out an accumulator bet, especially when you notice a leg that might ruin your entire wager.

Can I cash-out on my mobile phone?

Absolutely! Our top-rated betting sites offer cash-out to all customers regardless of the device they use.

Why is my cash-out unavailable?

If you cannot see your cash-out option, the chances are that the bookie does not have a cash-out offer for your bets.

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