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Best Soccer Betting Systems

Author: Yan Zhylinski

If you are a sports betting enthusiast, you know that success relies on more than just luck. One of the reasons why most players lose their bets is going into it without a strategy. Doing thorough research on the sport, following the news, and betting on different markets are some of the things that enable seasoned players to make impressive profits from their wagers. Gambling strategies are what distinguish successful bettors from the rest. In this article, we will take you through the best Football betting strategies and systems. Of course, there is no guaranteed way of winning, but these are to help you increase your chances of winning.

Best Soccer Betting Systems

Betting on Corners

Being open-minded in Soccer betting is essential. There are multiple options to choose from, and it is always good to explore than sticking to the major markets. Corner betting has become more prevalent in recent the years as more players realize the benefits of this betting strategy. It gives you a chance to take advantage of the bookies not paying attention to minor details.

There is a diverse range of markets offered by betting sites, where the most common one is the total number of corners for both teams in a match. For instance, an operator sets a limit of, say, 11 corners, and you will place a bet based on whether you think they will be less or more than that number. This is the over/under market. Other corner markets include the team to be given the next corner, time for the first corner, the range of corners like 2-5, 5-10, and so on.

Once you understand how to bet on corners, the next step is to determine the teams that are likely to get corners. Shots are a significant contributor to winning corners. Many shots indicate offensive dominance and are most likely to be deflected or saved, resulting in a corner. Other factors such as the team’s defensive tactics, attacking statistics, weather, and pitch size determine what your next bet should be. When you use the right approach, you stand a chance to earn good profits.

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Betting on the Favorites

One of the most straightforward Football betting strategies is backing up the favorites.  Most beginners actually use this tactic and are able to make an impressive profit from it. Favorites have high chances of winning the matches, although just like other sports betting strategies, there is no guarantee that this will happen every time. So how do you determine the favorite between the two teams in a match? One way of doing this is through odds analysis, which is obvious.

The odds for the favorites are usually very low, but you can be sure to win more times than you lose. You can also pay attention to other factors such as the injury of a top scorer, performance in the recent matches, and the difference in goals. The chances of winning your bet are high when:

  • The favorite team is professional and has been able to demonstrate impressive results in the past matches.
  • The team shows some seriousness about winning a tournament and is doing all it can to win the championship.
  • It is welcoming the opponents at home.

When to avoid Betting on the Favorites

In Soccer betting, before making your bet decision, it is crucial to study statistics and make an analysis of the team’s path. You might find some alarming information that might make you change your mind. Some strong teams hold their positions in the championship, only to lose to an outright outsider. To be on the safer side, refrain from wagering if an outsider demonstrates some excellent results in their past matches with strong teams. Additionally, if you find out that the favorite team has started losing to weaker teams, you should consider betting on other markets. The competent analysis allows you to capture the right moment to adjust your budget stake and earn good money.

Betting on the Double Chance

Double chance is considered the safest Football betting strategy. In this market, you are given not just one option but two chances to get your bet correct. This explains the name “ Double Chance.” Here, you choose two of the three potential outcomes, and if either of the two is the result, you win your wager.  

Take an example of a match between Manchester City and Leicester City. In double chance, you can bet for Manchester City to win or draw, and your wager will be successful if the team wins or the match draws. You can also bet on either Manchester City or Leicester City to win the match, and if one of them beats the other, your wager will be successful.  

Although the odds of this market are low, the chances of winning are high, and you can make nice profits in the long run. If you are a high roller, the double chance will be a great choice for you.

Betting on the Number of Goals Scored

One of the most creative ways to beat the bookies and make good money is betting on the number of goals scored. Here, you predict the total number of goals you think a team will score. Bookmakers will give you a range, as shown in the table below, on a match between Manchester City and Leicester City.

Manchester City Vs. Leicester City

0-1      3.20

2-3      2.30

0-2      1.50

2-4      1.40

0-3      1.25

3-4      2.15

1-2      2.50

4-5      2.40

1-3      1.45

5+      8.00

If you wager on the 0-2 option, you need the total goals scored to be within that range. You will win your bet if no goal is scored or if one or two goals are scored. In case the teams score more than two goals, your wager will be lost. The same applies to all other ranges listed above. For the 5+ option, the total number of goals should be five and above for the bet to be successful. Anything below that means you lose. This number of goals scored option requires you to be more accurate and requires you to do an analysis of the team's average goals per match. The tradeoff is that the odds are attractive, and you will have a chance to make exciting profits.

You can also bet on the over/under or the exact number of goals to be scored. In the over/under option, you will also be given a value where you predict whether the goals will be below or above that number. For instance, you can predict that in a match between Manchester City and Leicester, the total goals will be over 1.5. Of course, the total cannot be 1.5, so for you to win this bet, you need at least two goals.

For the exact number of goals, you need to be very accurate. This market has very attractive odds, but winning requires competent analysis. It is the hardest market to get right but carries some of the best returns if you manage to win. Here, there is no margin for error, which means you must predict the exact number of games you expect to be scored in a game. Many seasoned bettors are always ready to take the risks of this market due to the nice payouts it carries.

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Betting on Draw no Bet

Draw no bet is another safe market that is worth trying. Here, you are given two options in a match, where you choose one team as a winner. You cannot wager on the draw, but you receive your stake back if the match ends that way; hence the name “Draw no Bet.”  Let’s say, in a match between Manchester City and Leicester, you can predict that Manchester City will win. If the team beats Leicester, you win your bet, and if the match draws, you receive your stake. You will also lose your bet if Leicester wins the match.

Price Boost Exploitation 

Price boosts are basically enhanced odds given by bookies as incentives to keep their loyal customers entertained. They make very useful promotional materials for betting sites. The amount you get from price boosts is usually small, and most bettors underrate them. However, if you use them every time the offer is available, you stand a chance to make good profits in the long run.

Unlike other promotions, price boosts will not be available for long. The odds go back to normal once a certain number of bets have been placed. It is therefore essential to take advantage of them while they last. You might be lucky to find a bookmaker with daily enhanced odds on select markets or events, which is a great chance to take advantage of them.

Finding price boosts is straightforward since many operators will have them advertised on the homepage. Others will have them under the “Specials” or the “Boosts” sections. They are offered on different sports, but Football is the most popular.

Which are the Best Bookies for Price Boosts?

Many betting sites run price boosts, but there are those who offer the most profitable ones and on a regular basis.


William Hill

William Hill

Bet €10 Get €30

A standout bookmaker offering several exciting price boosts is William Hill. At the time of this review, players have a chance to enjoy daily boosts on Football and Horse Racing. Not only do they give you a chance to get easy profits, but they also qualify you for other regular offers available on the platform.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power

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Another betting site with attractive price boosts is Paddy Power. The operator also offers “Power Ups” as a way of appreciating its players for participating in other promotions. You can use the power-ups to boost the odds of selected markets in your bet slip.

You can also check out Betfair and Ladbrokes for regular price boosts on select Football markets. Taking advantage of such offers helps you to increase your bankroll. We recommend that you incorporate matched betting when using price boosts for the best profits. This betting system will change your overall profits and experience.

Use Fewer Selections

Most players usually ignore this, but the fewer the selections in your wagers, the higher the chance of winning. If you aim at becoming a successful bettor, even one selection is enough to give you nice profits with enough stakes. Did you know that most bookies lose to single bets? You do not need many selections to make good money. Take an example of a higher roller placing a bet on a selection with 2.00 odds and stakes $1000. With just a single bet, the player is able to double the money if the bet is successful.

Placing a 10-fold will only lower your chances of winning since it is very hard to predict ten bets correct unless you are very good at analysis. Try placing wagers with three to four selections, and you will discover significant progress in your betting journey over time.

When placing these bets, also avoid betting on the obvious markets. The bookmakers understand that most players like betting on the major markets, and they always know how to lower your winning chances. This calls for you to understand your favorite sport well and know the value of each market. We have provided some of the best markets you can wager on, such as the double chance, corners, and the number of goals to be scored.

Which Strategy to Use for a Beginner

If you are new to Soccer betting, you need to choose straightforward betting strategies and upgrade as you gain more experience. Betting on the favorites is the most recommended strategy for beginners because it requires little analysis and research. It is very easy to tell which team is the favorite by just looking at the odds. Of course, other factors contribute to the results of the match, as mentioned above, but the chances of the favorite team beating the underdog are high. Although this market has lower odds and small profits, it is a good starting point for beginners.

Using few selections is also good in increasing your chances of winning. The more selections you have on your bet slip, the lower the chances of winning your bet. Always stick to at most four selections if you are a beginner to avoid losing most of your bets.

Successful Soccer betting is possible with the right systems and strategies. We recommend that you bet on corners, double chance, draw no bet, total goals, and support the favorites. This way, you will increase your chances of winning and make impressive profits in the long run.

Published: 09/07/2021

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