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Online Bookmakers Betting Guides How to Make Money Betting on Horse Racing

How to Make Money Betting on Horse Racing

Author: Yan Zhylinski

Horse racing remains to be one of those hugely popular sporting events to bet on. Horse race betting can also be time consuming for players whose desire is to make a profit. A wealth of knowledge is necessary to successfully pick out the best horse racing betting tips, and with thousands of such events taking place annually, it’s easy for a player to accumulate stats to work from.

Individuals have been wagering on horses for decades, wagering on the ponies shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. From a social bettor wagering on weekend racing that’s live on TV to a professional player picking out runners across the week, nothing is more exciting than seeing your horse cross the line in front of others and your studying rewarded.

How to Make Money Betting on Horse Racing

Do you know that you can make some serious cash when betting on horse races? However, you need to be aware of what you are doing to realize some winnings. Horse racing is a god sport to get involved in and earn some cash. One primary benefit is that there’s no such thing as off-season in horse racing, and with the exception of only a handful of days, horse racing place almost every day.

With horse racing taking place almost daily, as a player, it means that you can place daily bets on such races and earn from them. There are many people who’ve made horse racing betting their side hustle and earned big from them. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for every horse racing gambler out there. Some, especially those that are just starting out find it challenging to earn from horse race betting.

This is an in-depth horse racing betting guide. From this article, you’ll learn how to make money from wagering on horse races. You’ll understand where you kick-start your horse race betting strategies, the different types of horse racing bets, and types of horse racing bets that you can profit from when wagering on the horses.

Once you’ve digested the information in this article, you’ll be in a position to pick winning horses most of the time and beat the bookmakers at their own game. That said, here are a few helpful things that you need to be aware to help you win long term betting on the horses.  But first, let’s examine where you need to start with your betting strategy.

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Where do you start with your betting strategy 

Are you looking to get better at wagering on the ponies? Watching a horse a horse race is one of the most tense, visceral, and exciting experiences that you are likely to have. Nothing comes close to the thrill of seeing your horse surge ahead of the pack on the final furlong, fans screaming, wiling it to reach to the finish line. It gets even more exciting, especially if you have some money riding on the race.

A majority of people choose their horse by just looking at its name or a quick glance at the odds and go for something that appears like a surefire bet. However, those in the know will go ahead and implement tried and tested horse race betting systems to give themselves a better chance of winning. But how do you know which horse to wager on? In other words, where do you start with your betting strategy?

As a beginner, you to begin from the basics. Get to understand simple things such as horse racing jargon, how to read the race card, and how handicapping works. As you get to understand such things, you can now begin moving up the ladder. For instance, you may want to wager on recent winners in a horse race. Here, you need to check the recent form of a horse and check if they’ve won recently. Chances are that if the horse has been winning consistently, it may go ahead and win the next race. Learn the secrets of reading the form of a horse, and place a bet on a horse with a good run of form.

You may also want to try the statistical lay. Here, you lay on horses to lose a certain race. If you take your time to read races and identify weak favorites to lay on, you can make some huge winnings too. Here, you act as the bookmaker where you wager against an outcome as opposed to wagering on one. You can begin with a two lay systems that are based on the races that are more profitable for laying on the flat turf, in jumps and all-weather across the year. You can adopt a “fixed liability” staking approach to laying, and if you are lucky, it can be very profitable.

Have you factored in important matters such as the jockeys and trainers? Before betting on horse races, get to know which stables and trainers are performing well. Go a step further and look at their jockey selection. Jockeys can also be a good source of information as they may offer helpful info the chances of their horses in a race. Additionally, consider the conditions of the track before placing your bets.

To begin your horse racing strategy, make sure that you learn the basics as you climb up the ladder. That way, you may make some winnings.

Make Different Kinds of Bets

To make money from horse race betting, you need to try different kinds of bets. Different kinds of bets have different odds. Several types of betting markets are popular among horse race betting enthusiast. The most popular market with professional horse racing bettors is the outright victory market. When bookmakers offer value in this type of bet, then it’s one best type of bet that you can use to secure long-term profits.

Also popular among horse bettors is the each-way market, whereby you sacrifice your odds, mostly by a quarter, but at times by a third or a fifth, to ensure that you cover more than one place – mostly the top four. Each-way betting is mostly effective when choosing horses that have significantly high odds, such as 16/1 and above.

If you don’t fancy straight wins or each-way bets, you can still try the Dutching System. The Dutching System is slightly complex method of horse race betting that involves sizing up the probability of different outcomes in a horse race. Here, you weigh them up against different odds from different bookies and place enough bets on different outcomes to ensure that you are highly unlikely to lose.

To make money, you also have the option of adding some excitement to the mix, even though these are significantly riskier bets and more challenging. Even though they come with some high risk, if you happen to strike it lucky, the winnings will be good. Some of these bet types include multi-bets such as trebles, Yankees, Lucky 15, and Lucky 31, to mention but a few.

Rather than typical accumulators, these bet types don’t require players to win every other single race for a return. However, if only two of the three horses win, you should be able to turn a profit. In short, you should be constrained to wagering on one or a few types of bets when betting on the horses. More than 10 different kinds of horse race bets are in place. For you to win more, make sure that you try different kinds of bets.

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Place, Show, and Across the Board Bets

When wagering on horses, you’ll come across certain terminologies and different styles of wagering. For instance, you may come across a Place Bet, Show Bets, and Across the Board Bets. But what do they mean anyway? It’s quite simple than you may think.

When you hear of a place bet, it means that you are wagering on a horse winning the race either in the first or second place in a race. Place betting is a popular type of horse race betting and one of the easiest type of bet to understand. Plenty of notable bookies offer good odds for Place Bets, a good reason as to why you may want to try this type of bet. It’s worth noting that a place bet will only be available for horse races that have more than 5 runners.

Apart from the Place Bet, there’s the Show Bet. A show bet means that you wager on a horse to finish the race first, second, or third. This type of wagering is commonly referred in the horse racing world as finishing in the money. Of importance to note is that the winning payoffs tend to be smaller in the place pool as the top two finishers share the money, and even smaller in the show pool as three top finishers get to share the money. Naturally, show bets do offer the lowest odds, as the chances of winning are greater.

Place and show bets provide the most straightforward and simplistic betting opportunities in horse race betting, and are some of the easiest ones to understand, especially if you are a newcomer here. Of importance to note is that each of these bets offer different payouts and odds, depending on the racing event and the likelihood of the horse that you wager on winning.

Lastly, we have across the board bet. When it comes to betting on the horses, across the board betting is fairly a safer way of horse race betting. Here, you get to bet an equal amount to win, place, and show. After the race is over, look at the board and see the order of the finish and the number of the horse you wagered on. Follow this by the win, place and show prices going across. The price that you see is how much you’ll collect.

A typical across the board bet costs around $6, since its three different bets: $2 to win, $2 to place, and $ to show. If you get lucky and your horse wins, you can go ahead and collect all the three wagers. Unfortunately, if your horse ends up in fourth place or worse than that, all the three bets lose.

Multiple Race Bets

A ‘multiple’ bet is simply a bet that has more than a single selection, often with all the horses required to win, even though you can also go ahead and back an each-way multiple or even a place multiple. Players looking to place some of the most ambitious wagers that could reap them high rewards can reap very big with multiple race bets.

There are different kinds of multiple bets that you can place as a potential options, though they are all variations on the same idea: that bettors choose several selections of multiple bets at the same time, and in some cases, each and every needs to win so that the bettor secures some return.

As such, multiple bets can sometimes be difficult to secure a return from. Players who are able to be successful when it comes to multiple bets need to be very knowledgeable regarding the sport that they want to wager on and the competitors that are participating in such a race. Multiple race bets allow players to choose a combination of two, three or more singles and combine them to increase their return.

When it comes to horse races, the final payout is then determined by the multiplication of the odds of each of your selections. There are different types of multiple betting worth noting: single and exotic. In a Single Multiple, the entire selections need to win for it to be successful. Exotic multiples guarantee you a Jackpot Return if you manage to hit the mark with your selections and achieve 100% winners. Multiple bets are good, but only if you get lucky. When betting on horses, you may want to try multiples for good returns.

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Multiple Horse Bets

The number of selections that you can make under the terms of multiple horse bets can vary. The odds that a bettor qualifies to get will tend to be higher for multiple bets. Multiple horse race bets pay slightly higher, but on most occasions, the chances of striking it lucky could be slim. To increase your chances of winning, you may have to place multiple horse bets.

You may place a Trixie bet, Lucky 15s, Lucky 31s, each-way bets, a straight forecast or combination forecast bets to increase your chances of winning. Others include a yankee bet that can significantly boost your chances of winning a horse race bet. In other words, you to place as many multiple horse race bets as possible to enhance your chances of winning.

Published: 09/07/2021

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