Minimum Bet: One hundred dollars ($100). Qualifying Wager: Any straight or parlay wager, on any sport, with odds of -120 or greater, for at least the Minimum Bet amount. • Award 1: One Free Bet total of $50. • Award 2: Casino Bonus worth a total of $50.

WynnBET sportsbook Review

One of the newest and the most promising bookmakers to enter the United States online sports betting market is without a doubt WynnBET sportsbook. WynnBET is the online gaming division of Wynn Resorts. Established in 2020, this bookmaker has managed to steadily gain traction, especially in the United Statesonline sports betting scene. Even though they are still new, in the United States, they are now available in 7 states that include Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, and Tennessee.

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Yan Zhylinski

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With the loosing of tight regulations for online sports betting in the USA, WynnBET was among the pioneer online sports betting entities to enter the American market. This new bookmaker has managed to capture and quickly expanded into America’s online sports betting scene with WynnBET, Wynn’s mobile, and a casino app too. There are several reasons as to why many bettors, especially those in America are beginning to identify with this bookmaker. Some of the major reasons include:

  • A very well administered customer support department
  • One of the most competitive sign-up offers
  • An easy-to-use website

WynnBET is less than 2 years old in the states that they cover in the U.S. However, they stand poised for rapid expansion and soon, it may turn out to be one of the top online sports betting sites in the United States. In thisWynnBET review, we try to analyze every aspect of this bookmaker to enable you make an informed judgment before signing up with them.

We look at important areas such as bonuses and promotions, banking methods, customer support, licensing, and whether they are committed to responsible gambling or not. By the end of this piece, you will have formed your own opinion about WynnBET Sportsbook.


Overall rating 4.5 Stars
Betting Markets 4.5 Stars
In-play Betting 4.5 Stars
Payment methods 4.0 Stars
Odds Level 4.0 Stars
Bonuses/Promotions 4.0 Stars
Customer Support 4.5 Stars
Mobile Experience 4.5 Stars
Safety 4.5 Stars

Main Bonus for New Players:

Type Risk-Free Bonus
Offer Risk Free Bet Up To $1,000
T&Cs 21+ years of age or older to wager. CO, IN, MI, NJ, TN, VA, AZ

WynnBET Bonuses & Promotions

WynnBET extends one of the best attractive offers to its customers, while the sportsbooks several other promotions that follow thereafter keep their users engaged. The bonuses are so easy to claim and don’t require some sort of WynnBET sportsbook bonus codes to access.

Newly registered players qualify for a WynnBETsportsbook bonus. It’s a $1,000 risk-free bet that the bookmaker applies on your initial bet. Go ahead and deposit $20 or more and then place bets at odds between -150 and +10,000, within 10 days. Should you lose, WynnBET will return your stake in the form of a free bet so that you can try your luck again.

WynnBET also has the parlay bonus. Here, the bookmaker gets to increase the payout, but on selected parlays. Eligible bettors can go ahead and select the offer and place a wager to cash in on the improve odds, thereby providing a better chance of winning.

Apart from WynnBET bonus offers, the bookmaker also has other ongoing promotions. A good example of a common promotional offer that you’ll most likely find here is the Parlay booster. WynnBET offers these sort of promotionson every matchday. also has several other promotions. However, most of them are seasonal, mostly depending on which sporting events are in session. These sort of promos are mostly for special events throughout the year.

How to Start Betting at WynnBET

Placing bets at WynnBET is simple and straightforward. In fact, it’s something that you can complete in less than a minute. But before placing your first bet, though, there are a few steps and conditions that you need to satisfy. As bettor in the U.S., you would find it easy and quick placing bets at WynnBET provided you meet certain conditions. So, how do you go about placing your first bet at WynnBET? Here’s how:

Be physically present in a state where WynnBET has a license to operate

Before you can placing a first bet at WynnBET sportsbook, first, you need to be physically in the states where the bookmaker is licensed to conduct business. If you are not in any of the 7 states (Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, and Tennessee) where WynnBET doesn’t have a license to operate, your bet(s) won’t be accepted. Your physical location matters when it comes to placing bets at WynnBET. By law, WynnBET are required to employ the use of geolocation technology to confirm that those who are placing bets with them are physically present where the company is has a license to provide online sports betting services. If you are in any of the 7 states, you can now proceed.

Sign Up and Registration

Now that you are in any of the states where WynnBET operates, what follows next is the sign up and registration process. Fortunately, signing up at WynnBET is another quick and straightforward process. The following is a systematic guide on how to go about it:

  • First, find access to WynnBET’s website: wynnbetcom
  • Once you find access to the website, head straight to the “Sign Up Now” icon located on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Once here, you’ll be asked to provide some important information such as your name, contact information, address, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Once you are done with the above, you’ll have to confirm that you are 21 years old and agree to the terms and conditions of WynnBET.
  • Finally, you’ll need to add a security question aimed at ensuring that your credentials remain safe, and if you are located in Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, and Tennessee, then you are good to go!

Bonus Activation

As mentioned earlier, WynnBETawards it new customers with a risk free bonus of up to $1,000. Now that you’ve registered with them, you must have received your risk-free bonus.However, you need to activate this bonus funds so that you can be able to able to use it. Bonus activation at United is fast and easy. Immediately you register with them and receive your bonus, the operator will send you a promo code that you can use to activate the bonus. For you to be able to claim WynnBET’s $1,000 risk free bet bonus, enter the code that they send to you when making your initial deposit.

Fund your Account

 You are now very close to placing your first bet at WynnBET. Now, all that you need to do is to fund your account. Before placing real money bets. You need to have some funds in your account. Fortunately, WynnBET provides several banking methods for making deposits and initiating withdrawals.

Deposit options

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Play+
  • PayPal
  • Cash

Withdrawal options

  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Cash
  • Check
Minimum Bet: One hundred dollars ($100). Qualifying Wager: Any straight or parlay wager, on any sport, with odds of -120 or greater, for at least the Minimum Bet amount. • Award 1: One Free Bet total of $50. • Award 2: Casino Bonus worth a total of $50.

Banking Methods Comparison

The following tables are helpful when it comes to choosing a method of deposit or withdrawal. From the tables below, you should be able to go for a method that you find easy, cheap, and convenient for your deposits and withdrawals.

Deposit Method Minimum Deposit ($) Process Time Fee
Visa 20 Instant Free
Mastercard 20 Instant Free
Maestro 20 Instant Free
Play+ 20 Instant Free
PayPal 20 Instant Free
Cash 20 Instant Free
Withdrawal Method Minimum withdrawal ($) Process Time Fee
PayPal 20 2-3 banking days Free
Play+ 20 3-5 banking days Free
Cash 20 2 banking days Free
Check 100 3-7 banking days Free

Start Betting!

Have you settled for a payment option that fits all your needs? If you have done so and funded your account, then you can begin betting immediately at WynnBET. Find teams or players that you would like to wager for and place bets on them. It’s as simple as that at WynnBET sports betting site.

WynnBET Sports Coverage

Unlike other bookmakers who cover both major and fringe sports, the case is a bit different atWynnBET sportsbook. If you love betting on niche sports such as darts, chess, snooker, bandy, pesapallo, and table tennis among others, unfortunately, you may not be able to do so at WynnBET sports betting site. Again, this is a fact that most can easily understand as WynnBET is still in its infancy stages. We expect to see their coverage of niche sports as they grow and expand into more states. For now, their sports coverage include:

U.S. Major Pro Sports

A majority of people in the U.S. like to gamble. And when they place sports bets, a significant number of them wager on major pro sports since they are familiar with them. understands that many of its U.S. customers prefer placing bets on sports that they understand the most, a reason as to why they cover all U.S. major pro sports at some of the best odds around.

Major pro sports that are well covered by WynnBET include Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Soccer (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL) and Professional Golf Association (PGA). You can expect to find plenty of betting markets on any U.S. major sports at WynnBET as they appeal to many fans.

International Sports

WynnBET doesn’t cater for the needs of bettors who prefer to wager on U.S. major professional sports only. The bookmaker understands that some of its customers like to wager on international sports too. For this reason, you can expect a good coverage of international sports at WynnBET too. Some of the international sports that you can expect to find here include:

  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi
  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Boxing
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Tennis
  • Hockey

WynnBET covers all the U.S. pro major sports and international sports too. But the lack of any motor sports here is a little strange to many. But if NASCAR along with the IndyCar Series aren’t your cup of tea, its means that you won’t be missing too much going with WynnBET.

WynnBET Betting Types

WynnBET doesn’t seem to lack anything when it comes to betting types that you can find here. There are plenty of bet types to choose from here. However, in most cases, the number of available bet types mostly depends on the type of sport that a player chooses to wager on. A game like football, for example may come with more than 100 bet types at WynnBET. That said, WynnBET have every other kind of betting option that you could possibly want to try from an online sports betting site including:

  • Moneyline
  • Point Spreads
  • Parlays
  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Round Robins
  • Teasers
  • Props

We weren’t bored at all with all the bet types available at WynnBET. In fact, it’s surprising to find a bookmaker with less than two years in the field doing what WynnBET sportsbook are doing. Should they continue with this trend, soon, they will be rivaling some of the most experienced names in the industry. So far, though, things are looking good for them.

In-play Betting

One option that WynnBET knew that it had to offer no matter what was in-play or live betting. Live betting – wagering while the games are in progress – is today one of the most popular ways of wagering at almost all casino sites out there. The emergence of sports betting apps has further contributed to the rise in popularity of live betting. Here, bettors are able to wager on a game or a live prop within a few seconds of the odds being posted.

Plenty of online sports betting fans wait for the games to begin before committing to a specific bet. This way, if the team you are backing comes flat, you can avoid betting altogether, or stand a chance to receive enhanced odds based on what’s happening on the field.

WynnBET sportsbook opened its doors for business but not before making sure that they had a thorough live betting selection for their customers. New customers that join the site should be very pleased with the number of in-game markets that they’ll be able to find here.

Other WynnBET Gambling Types

WynnBET doesn’t concentrate on offering online betting on sports only. This bookie understands some bettors’ preference lies in casino games. Not every bettor is a fan of online sports. Some prefer to play and wager on casino games, slots being the dominant one. Now, there’s WynnBET Casino that offers players in the states where WynnBET operates legally a chance to play and wager on casino games. Newly registered players here are entitled to 250 free spins. What’s even great is that players don’t require a separate WynnBET casino account different from their sportsbook account. They can use the login details of their sportsbook to access the casino too.

WynnBET Site Experience

WynnBET sportsbook web-based platform is only available in the state of Michigan. If you are in the other 6 remaining states where WynnBET operates, you’ll have to access both the casino and the sportsbook via the app. However, users in Michigan who are able to access WynnBET on the web argue that that the website is more of a blown-up version of WynnBET’s app, maintaining simplicity, along with some fairly intuitive navigation.

WynnBET also utilizes a search function to make everything easy for bettors. With the search function, bettors can look for events that they want to wager on with ease without wasting too much time on the site. WynnBET sportsbook site is also pleasing to the eye. Their blue and gold color palette proves to be very easy on the eye.

One area of concern is that WynnBET sportsbook doesn’t provide blog, hubs and a few other helpful features that you would find at rival bookies. They need to improve on that. Otherwise, navigating their site, for most of the part, is stress-free.

WynnBET Mobile App Experience

In the most time, WynnBET’s sports betting app is concise, which is a good thing. The app is quick to load, very simple to navigate or operate, and comes with fewer crashes and bugs than most of its competitors. Besides a smooth navigation, the app comes with a navy and gold color scheme that makes everything easy to read. WynnBET’s app works seamlessly across a number of devices. Upon using it in both wired and wireless networks, we noticed WynnBET mobile app performs admirably. Users of Android can download WynnBET’s betting app from Google Play Store, while iOS users can find the app from Apple App Store.

About WynnBET

There’s still more to WynnBET sportsbook than what we’ve mentioned so far. If you can remember, we stated in the beginning that this will be an exhaustive WynnBET review where we try our best to tell you everything that you may want to know about this bookmaker. So, what’s more to know about WynnBET sportsbook? Below are other important factors that you need to know about this bookmaker.

Security and Gaming License

WynnBET is a safe and secure choice for everything to do with online sports betting in regulated states. In all the states that they operate, they have managed to acquire local gaming licenses. For example, in the state of New Jersey, WynnBET sportsbook operates under a license issued by the Division of Gaming Enforcement. WynnBET doesn’t share the information of their customers to third parties. To ensure that customer information remains safe at all times, WynnBET employs the use of latest encryption technology. When wagering here, you have no reason to worry at all. All your information is safe and secure.

Loyalty Program

Almost all casinos that are currently in operation have sort of loyalty programs aimed at rewarding players on how much they stay loyal and gamble with them. WynnBET sportsbook is no different as such. Loyal players that get to stay here for a long time are rewarded. There’s an excellent rewards program at WynnBET that gives free credit and comp dollars as a reward for those who engage in real money betting. Even though you’d have to play a lot so that you get rewarded, nevertheless, it’s a nice to know that such a program is there.

Customer Support

WynnBET online sportsbook customer service reps are available 24/7 via live chat. Alternatively, you can choose to call them, but from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET any day. If you so wish, you can also choose to send them an email, especially if you have non-urgent questions or concerns. When conducting WynnBET review, we were left impressed by the customer support level available here. The agents that we managed to speak to were well-informed, gracious and happy to assist. The wait times were also short. Most importantly, there’s a detailed FAQ section with common questions and their corresponding answers.

Responsible Gambling

WynnBET is a bookmaker that has always showed its commitment to responsible gambling. To know more about WynnBET’s responsible gambling policies, you can go ahead and click on the small yellow and green “RG” icon situated at the bottom right of the site. Here, you’ll find easy access to WynnBET’s responsible gambling section. The section is helpful and provides warning signs of problem gambling and go ahead to offer advice on how you can identify and reduce the risks. At this section, you’ll also find helpful details of the steps that you can take, such as cooling-off periods, deposit and time limits, and even self-exclusion. WynnBET’s sportsbook responsible gambling section is highly detailed and written in very clear and concise terms.

WynnBET Sportsbook FAQs

How Does WynnBET Payout?

WynnBET pays out in exactly the same way of deposit. Most payouts are instant.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports Using the WynnBET app?

Yes, but as long as you are doing so from a state where WynnBET sportsbook is legal to conduct business.

Does WynnBET have good odds?

Most of their odds are average and seem to be on the same level with that of their rivals.

What states is WynnBET legal in?

By the time of writing, WynnBET was legal in 7 states that include Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, and Tennessee.

Does WynnBET Sportsbook Have An Online Casino?

Yes, there’s a WynnBET Casinoin place. It’s ideal for players who prefer casino games such as table games and slots.

How Do I Cash Out on WynnBET?

Log in to your account and head to the cash out section. Enter your preferred cash out amount and confirm.

Can I deposit into my WynnBET account via PayPal?

Absolutely! WynnBET accepts PayPal as one of its payment method.

Our verdict

There are some several compelling reasons as to why you may want to sign up with WynnBET sportsbook. They provide a huge risk-free bet as a welcome bonus and a weekly $20 free bet if you go ahead and place $100 worth of wagers. You can be sure to find several interesting promotions that run throughout the year here. The odds are somewhat good, withdrawals reliable, and the interface is strong. Unfortunately, though, they don’t cover niche sports. However, WynnBET is still a newcomer to the market, and we should expect to see some improvements in the months ahead. But so far, they are doing quite good.