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Nothing is more dangerous for a play than proceeding to wager blindly without any betting tips or predictions. It's even worse if you're unsure where to go for the best sports betting odds and lines. We are a worldwide renowned brand that provides novice, advanced, and professional sports bettors in Nigeria and throughout the world with high-quality information. You may obtain real-time access to winning sports betting picks on each event and league from our team of specialists by visiting this page. From this page, you stand to find betting tips for today, along with some of the best football odds, basketball odds, and odds on plenty of other sporting events when engaging in online sports betting.


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00:00 23 January Poliana Botelho Poliana Botelho Ji Yeon Kim Ji Yeon Kim Home: 2.10 Away: 1.73
00:00 23 January Viviane Araujo Viviane Araujo Alexa Grasso Alexa Grasso Home: 2.50 Away: 1.57
00:00 23 January Michael Morales Michael Morales Trevin Giles Trevin Giles Home: 1.67 Away: 2.25
00:00 23 January Tony Gravely Tony Gravely Saimon Oliveira Saimon Oliveira Home: 1.40 Away: 3.00
00:00 23 January Matt Frevola Matt Frevola Genaro Valdez Genaro Valdez Home: 1.50 Away: 2.70
00:00 23 January Warlley Alves Warlley Alves Jack Della Maddalena Jack Della Maddalena Home: 2.63 Away: 1.53
00:00 23 January Jasmine Jasudavicius Jasmine Jasudavicius Kay Hansen Kay Hansen Home: 3.00 Away: 1.40
00:00 23 January Vanessa Demopoulos Vanessa Demopoulos Silvana Gomez Juarez Silvana Gomez Juarez Home: 1.80 Away: 2.00
01:00 23 January Raoni Barcelos Raoni Barcelos Victor Henry Victor Henry Home: 1.29 Away: 3.75
01:00 23 January Rodolfo Vieira Rodolfo Vieira Wellington Turman Wellington Turman Home: 1.36 Away: 3.25
01:00 23 January Ilia Topuria Ilia Topuria Charles Jourdain Charles Jourdain Home: 1.18 Away: 5.00
01:00 23 January Jack Della Maddalena Jack Della Maddalena Pete Rodriguez Pete Rodriguez Home: 1.30 Away: 3.50
03:00 23 January Michel Pereira Michel Pereira Andre Fialho Andre Fialho Home: 1.33 Away: 3.40
03:00 23 January Cody Stamann Cody Stamann Said Nurmagomedov Said Nurmagomedov Home: 2.70 Away: 1.50
03:00 23 January Movsar Evloev Movsar Evloev Ilia Topuria Ilia Topuria Home: 2.00 Away: 1.80
03:00 23 January Greg Hardy Greg Hardy Aleksei Oleinik Aleksei Oleinik Home: 1.62 Away: 2.38
03:00 23 January Brandon Moreno Brandon Moreno Deiveson Figueiredo Deiveson Figueiredo Home: 1.59 Away: 2.40
03:00 23 January Francis Ngannou Francis Ngannou Ciryl Gane Ciryl Gane Home: 2.00 Away: 1.80
19:30 18 January Burnley Burnley Watford Watford Home: 2.23 Х: 3.58 Away: 3.46
20:00 18 January Brighton Brighton Chelsea Chelsea Home: 5.40 Х: 3.98 Away: 1.73
19:30 19 January Leicester Leicester Tottenham Tottenham Home: 3.15 Х: 3.50 Away: 2.42
20:00 19 January Brentford Brentford Man Utd Man Utd Home: 4.52 Х: 3.94 Away: 1.85
20:00 21 January Watford Watford Norwich Norwich Home: 2.14 Х: 3.56 Away: 3.72
12:30 22 January Everton Everton Aston Villa Aston Villa Home: 2.54 Х: 3.44 Away: 3.01
15:00 22 January Brentford Brentford Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Home: 3.01 Х: 3.19 Away: 2.71
15:00 22 January Leeds Leeds Newcastle Newcastle Home: 1.97 Х: 3.92 Away: 3.94
15:00 22 January Man Utd Man Utd West Ham West Ham Home: 1.96 Х: 3.94 Away: 3.96
17:30 22 January Southampton Southampton Man City Man City Home: 11.00 Х: 6.05 Away: 1.31
14:00 23 January Arsenal Arsenal Burnley Burnley Home: 1.50 Х: 4.44 Away: 8.20
14:00 23 January Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Liverpool Liverpool Home: 5.95 Х: 4.24 Away: 1.64
14:00 23 January Leicester Leicester Brighton Brighton Home: 2.50 Х: 3.50 Away: 3.02
16:30 23 January Chelsea Chelsea Tottenham Tottenham Home: 1.73 Х: 3.75 Away: 4.50

In the Spotlight

Understanding Betting Odds Comparison

To begin, you must first understand what odds are in order to fully appreciate the advantages of employing betting odds comparison. The amount a bookie will pay out on a winning wager is represented by the odds. They are the odds that a bookmaker offers for a specific occurrence to occur. However, keep in mind that odds vary from one bookmaker to the next.

Our goal is to make sure you get the greatest odds available when you bet. We understand that comparing odds from many bookies before deciding on one can be time-consuming. This is where we can help. Our team of professionals compile data on a variety of events in order to determine which one has the highest odds. We monitor the bookmakers’ odds on a regular basis to ensure that any changes are instantly displayed on our website. Our odds comparison provides information and match visualizations for a variety of sports, ensuring that you only bet on those that offers the most favorable odds.

Sports Predictions: How do they work exactly?

When it comes to betting, whether it's on football, tennis, rugby, cricket, boxing, or any other sport you can think of, you should always rely on prediction first. Prediction is the prognosis of the outcome of any sporting event in sports betting. How do sports predictions work, though? When it comes to predicting sports, most experts take into account a number of elements.

Many factors are considered, including the team's current form, team morale, the latest injury news, weather, suspended players, and home advantage, to name a few. Before offering you odds, most bookies would have taken into account a number of elements that influence the outcome of an impending event. In a nutshell, sports betting tips and predictions are based on the totality of a team's performance.

Why Use Sports Expert Tips?

While betting on any sport can be enjoyable and amusing, some gamblers are looking for more than that: a quick cash. Is it possible that you're one of them? If you answered yes, you should without a doubt use the services or betting advice of sports professionals when placing your bets. With more betting sites popping up and offering a variety of sports betting markets, you may want to rely on expert advice to beat the bookies the majority of the time.

But why should you seek sports expert suggestions while you're betting on sports? If you go it alone when it comes to internet betting, your odds of beating the bookies are slim. Using the greatest sports betting tips from experts, on the other hand, may result in you winning the majority of the time.

Before being provided to gamblers, expert suggestions for all sports are thoroughly investigated and scrutinized. The majority of betting gurus are aware of how betting works. They have much industry experience, as well as effective betting tools and other resources to assist you in achieving consistent victories.

The Legality of Online Sports Betting in Nigeria

We were able to demonstrate that online sports betting is legal in Nigeria, and that it is regulated by numerous regulatory agencies. That’s after conducting thorough research on everything to do with sports betting legislation in Nigeria, including meeting with legal experts around the country. You can bet on sports online at both local and international betting sites whenever you want. You have no reason to be worried of being persecuted by the government if you do so.

Sports Betting in Nigeria: What Sports Can I Bet Online From Nigeria?

Sports are very popular in Nigeria. Thousands of spectators flock to stadiums on most occasions to witness major sporting events, while millions more watch on television. However, there are types of fans: those who wager on sports online. While there are many sports to bet on in Nigeria, the following sports have the most betting:


Football is the most popular sport on the planet, with millions of dollars staked on it each year. In Nigeria, many gamblers stake on such events virtually daily, in addition to watching and playing football. Some people bet on a team, while others gamble on individual players, among a variety of other betting possibilities.


Even though Football is King in Nigeria, lately, though, wagering on cricket seems to be picking up pace. Now, you can find plenty of sites offering decent odds on cricket, along with many fans who risk their hard-earned funds on cricket bets. If you check the odds on cricket, you’ll notice that they seem attractive, a good reason as to why many Nigerian punters are betting on cricket lately.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on all over the world, and the state of Nigeria is no exception. All local and international horseracing events on the worldwide calendar are covered by most top Nigerian online sports betting sites.

Types of Bets at Nigerian Online Bookies

Because bookmakers in Nigeria are all fighting for consumers, most of them make care to offer a variety of bet types. The type of sport you choose determines the type of bet you find will, in most situations. The moneyline, points spread or handicap, ifs and reverses, teasers, pleasers, parlays, prop bets, over/under, and odd/even goals, player to score, and both teams to score are just a handful of the most prevalent bet types available at practically every other Nigerian sports betting site.

How to start betting on sports for Nigerian Players

Placing online sports bets in Nigeria is one of the easiest things to do. Here’s to go about it:

Step 1

Find the best or a reliable bookmaker, probably with the best betting odds around.

Step 2

Head to their website and click on the ‘Register Here’ icon.

Step 3

Enter all the required personal details (name, password, phone number, email address etc.).

Step 4

Fund your betting account. You can find several methods of doing that by funding your account.

Step 5

Find a sport you want to bet on, click on it, enter the amount of bet and finally confirm your bet!

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