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Nothing is riskier than making bets blindly without using sports betting tips and forecasts when it comes to online sports betting. Are you looking for free betting recommendations for today's games as well as other forthcoming sporting events? Count yourself as fortunate if you've made it this far. We have a team of professional specialists who provide the greatest bets and sports betting odds every day so you don't have to waste time reading data facts, some of which may be incorrect. To assist you in increasing your bankroll, we provide you with solid and highly reliable free sports picks.


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19:30 18 January Burnley Burnley Watford Watford Home: 2.23 Х: 3.58 Away: 3.46
20:00 18 January Brighton Brighton Chelsea Chelsea Home: 5.40 Х: 3.98 Away: 1.73
19:30 19 January Leicester Leicester Tottenham Tottenham Home: 3.15 Х: 3.50 Away: 2.42
20:00 19 January Brentford Brentford Man Utd Man Utd Home: 4.52 Х: 3.94 Away: 1.85
20:00 21 January Watford Watford Norwich Norwich Home: 2.14 Х: 3.56 Away: 3.72
12:30 22 January Everton Everton Aston Villa Aston Villa Home: 2.54 Х: 3.44 Away: 3.01
15:00 22 January Brentford Brentford Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Home: 3.01 Х: 3.19 Away: 2.71
15:00 22 January Leeds Leeds Newcastle Newcastle Home: 1.97 Х: 3.92 Away: 3.94
15:00 22 January Man Utd Man Utd West Ham West Ham Home: 1.96 Х: 3.94 Away: 3.96
17:30 22 January Southampton Southampton Man City Man City Home: 11.00 Х: 6.05 Away: 1.31
14:00 23 January Arsenal Arsenal Burnley Burnley Home: 1.50 Х: 4.44 Away: 8.20
14:00 23 January Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Liverpool Liverpool Home: 5.95 Х: 4.24 Away: 1.64
14:00 23 January Leicester Leicester Brighton Brighton Home: 2.50 Х: 3.50 Away: 3.02
16:30 23 January Chelsea Chelsea Tottenham Tottenham Home: 1.73 Х: 3.75 Away: 4.50
18:00 19 January Clermont Foot Clermont Foot Strasbourg Strasbourg Home: 3.10 Х: 3.50 Away: 2.25
18:00 19 January Montpellier Montpellier Troyes Troyes Home: 1.80 Х: 3.94 Away: 4.86
18:00 19 January Lille Lille Lorient Lorient Home: 1.71 Х: 4.02 Away: 5.45
20:00 21 January Lyon Lyon St Etienne St Etienne Home: 1.36 Х: 4.75 Away: 8.00
16:00 22 January Brest Brest Lille Lille Home: 3.20 Х: 3.60 Away: 2.15
20:00 22 January Lens Lens Marseille Marseille Home: 2.55 Х: 3.50 Away: 2.70
12:00 23 January Metz Metz Nice Nice Home: 4.20 Х: 3.50 Away: 1.85
14:00 23 January Angers Angers Troyes Troyes Home: 2.00 Х: 3.20 Away: 4.20
14:00 23 January Bordeaux Bordeaux Strasbourg Strasbourg Home: 3.25 Х: 3.60 Away: 2.15
14:00 23 January Clermont Foot Clermont Foot Rennes Rennes Home: 3.75 Х: 3.75 Away: 1.95
14:00 23 January Nantes Nantes Lorient Lorient Home: 2.05 Х: 3.20 Away: 4.00
16:05 23 January Montpellier Montpellier Monaco Monaco Home: 3.30 Х: 3.50 Away: 2.20
19:45 23 January PSG PSG Reims Reims Home: 1.18 Х: 7.00 Away: 15.00
19:00 18 January Real Betis Real Betis CD Alaves CD Alaves Home: 1.50 Х: 4.20 Away: 6.00
20:30 18 January Cadiz Cadiz Espanyol Espanyol Home: 3.10 Х: 3.10 Away: 2.38
18:00 19 January Celta Vigo Celta Vigo Osasuna Osasuna Home: 1.80 Х: 3.50 Away: 4.33
20:30 19 January Valencia Valencia Sevilla Sevilla Home: 3.10 Х: 3.20 Away: 2.30
20:30 19 January Barcelona Barcelona Rayo Vallecano Rayo Vallecano

In the Spotlight

Understanding Betting Odds Comparison

Is it your objective to place bets at the greatest possible odds? If the answer is a loud yes, you'll need a thorough understanding of betting odds comparison. But why, you might wonder. When placing online bets, odds comparison can assist you in locating the best odds and selecting them. In practically every other way, bookmakers are distinct. In terms of their odds, you'd have to spend a lot of work proving that different bookies provide the same odds. To entice customers, some companies provide high odds, while others keep the odds the same but add other bonuses. If your bet wins, the odds decide your final reward. Understanding betting odds, how different bookmakers' odds differ, and how to pick the best odds for your sports betting is the first step toward effective betting.

How Do Sports Predictions Work?

All sports predictions take into account a number of crucial criteria. Before you go looking for sports predictions practically anywhere, know that the experts took into account a number of crucial elements while making their forecasts. In most situations, though, sports forecasts are based on a team's or players' present form. Is a particular player or team scoring goals almost for the sake of it? Do they happen to win the majority of the time? When making sports forecasts, the current form of a team is a major factor.

The majority of the time, teams and players perform better when they have the support of their home crowd. Others thrive on the road, where they aren't under any pressure from their supporters to deliver the goods. When it comes to formulating sports predictions, home advantage is yet another important factor to consider. Other factors to consider are team spirit, impending managerial changes, and weather conditions. All these are factors that professional experts put under consideration when formulating betting tips and predictions.

Why Use Sports Expert Tips?

As stated at the outset of this chapter, nothing is more perilous than placing bets impulsively. You can be enticed by high basketball odds or attractive football odds on a certain site. However, if you put bets for all sports or on games with high odds without using expert advice, your chances of beating the bookies are always limited.

So, why should you rely on professional advice? Before being provided to you, expert advice is thoroughly studied and scrutinized. Even if a bookmaker has the best odds, specialists scrutinize every detail to ensure that, regardless of the odds, they offer some reliable predictions. Furthermore, many specialists have inside knowledge of how bookmakers price their odds, which can assist you in selecting the best sports betting odds and betting tips.

Sports experts are typically a group of persons with extensive experience in all aspects of sports betting. Most of them have spent years, if not decades, studying betting predictions, which is one of the main reasons why you should trust them.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Kenya?

Technically speaking, online sports betting is legal in Kenya and you cannot be persecuted for engaging in online sports betting, provided you are wagering from a licensed bookmaker. Since 1966, gambling has been a legal activity in Kenya. Kenya's Parliament established the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), a firm granted authorization to select gaming within the country. Almost all other forms of sports betting have been legal since then. However, there was no mention of internet sports betting in the statute.

As technology advanced and internet gambling became more popular, the Kenyan government had to change its earlier legislation to accommodate online sports betting. The government allowed online sports betting in 2011, under the supervision of the Betting Control and Licensing Board. Since then several Kenya betting sites and those from offshore jurisdictions applied for licenses to operate in the country.

What Sports Can I Bet Online From Kenya?

Sports are very popular in Kenya. Thousands of spectators flock to stadiums on most occasions to witness major sporting events, while millions more watch sporting events on television. However, there are types of fans: those who wager on sports online. While there are many sports to bet on in Kenya, the following sports are the most popular ones in terms of betting.


Football is the most popular sport on the planet, with millions of dollars staked on it each year. In Kenya, many gamblers stake on such events virtually daily, in addition to watching and playing football. Some people bet on a team, while others gamble on individual players, among a variety of other betting possibilities.


Even though Football dominated betting in Kenya, lately, though, wagering on cricket seems to be picking up pace. Now, you can find plenty of sites offering decent odds on cricket, along with many fans who risk their hard-earned funds on cricket bets. If you check the odds on cricket, you'll notice that they seem attractive, a good reason as to why many Kenyan punters are betting on cricket lately.

Horse Racing

Horseracing is one of the most popular sports to bet on all over the world, and Kenya is no exception. All local and international horseracing events on the worldwide calendar are covered by most top Kenyan online sports betting sites.

Types of Bets at Online Bookies

Since bookies in Kenya are all in competition to attract customers, most of them make sure that they offer a variety of bet types. The type of sport you choose determines the type of bet you find will, in most situations. The Moneyline, points spread or handicap, ifs, and reverses, teasers, pleasers, parlays, prop bets, over/under, and odd/even goals, player to score, and both teams to score are just a handful of the most prevalent bet types available at practically every other sports betting site that accept Kenyan bettors.

How to start betting on sports for Kenyan Players

Placing online sports bets in Kenya is one of the easiest things to do. Here's to go about it:

Step 1

Find the best or a reliable bookmaker of your choice. Here, you may want to consider a bookie that offers the best odds among other things.

Step 2

Head to their website and click on the 'Register Here' icon.

Step 3

Enter all the required personal details (name, password, date of birth, phone number, email address, etc.).

Step 4

Fund your betting account. You can find several methods of funding your account in Kenya.

Step 5

Find a sport you want to bet on, click on it, enter the amount of bet and finally confirm your bet!

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